Asus Eee PC 10.1” Netbook with Windows XP

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Asus Eee PC 10.1" Netbook with Windows XP
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Asus Eee PC 10.1" Netbook 1.6GHz, 1GB, 160GB, 3 Cell, XP Home

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No Windows 7?

These things are sweeping the world. Maybe it is time for me to jump on board.

How long will a three cell battery last me if I don’t use the wireless?

I have a netbook that has the same kind of keyboard.

Really easy to type on. There might be a netbook with better keyboards, but I have not typed on one.

No Windows 7? No problem. With only 1 gig of ram, you want XP

3 cell battery? 3 hours run time? What’s the point?

I own a 1005HAB, and must say it’s decent for a netbook. Although it’s preloaded with Windows XP, it can easily be upgraded to any Windows 7 version even with it’s 1 gig of ram.

Battery Life with the 3 cell battery sucks. (2 hours tops.) So if you buy a 6 cell battery it will run a good 4-6 hours of battery life with wifi. Which is not very expensive, you can pick up a $50 one on ebay.

Video playback is meh. It’s a little jumpy playing 720p and don’t even try 1080p. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gaming? Yeah you can actually play Warcraft 3 and Starcraft on it but new games would obviously not work. But than again, you don’t get a netbook to game.

So overall it’s great netbook, but don’t expect it to be a powerful laptop or anything close really.

Asus laptops score in the high 4 star range on all the Buzzillion reviews.

dont cover up your power supply it will overheat and stop working…if you have already done this then place it in the freezer for 5 min and it will reset thermal protection which is what makes it stop working

This seems like a very meh deal…especially compared to the gateway they had on here a week ago that had a newer processor and a 6 cell battery…correct me if I’m wrong though

this is the best buy model thats what the b is for in model #

I have a friend that has one and it sucks! It takes forever to boot up and be running at 100%. (We’re talking 6-7 minutes). Any sites that have flash or heav graphics bog this thing down bad. No external drive, tiny screen, tiny size makes it awkward to type on or set on your lap.

For $70 more if I was on a budget I would go get the cheapest laptop I could find.

webcam, optical drive, decent hard drive etc.

for something that is just meant to surf the net I think they should be closer to the $100 mark.

Most netbooks hardware wise are the same, Intel boards, Intel chips, etc. The big thing to look for when choosing one is if the company backs the product and if you like the style. Asus I think makes one of the better ones with Acer and a few other brands cough hp cough making similar priced but with poorer support. My personal favorites are the Samsungs because they seem to have bigger keyboards for those of us who have bigger fingers. But overall the insides on these are the same and when selecting one go with which one has the outsides you like and which ones have the best support.

Note the description says up to 3 hours depending on usage. So 3 hours is about the max, assuming no wifi, a dim screen, and nothing too CPU or disk intensive.

yeah, maybe.

But you might really want to consider waiting
till they offer one with a 6 or 9 cell battery,

cheap price, cheap specs. With a 270 processor that has 3 hours of battery. I don’t like the deal. You get what you pay for here.


I’m thinking about this for a dedicated USB to DMX lighting controller. Don’t need a lot of disk space or CPU power for that, and small/portable is a big plus.

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