Asus Eee PC 8.9” Netbook Tablet PC

great for travel


Screen’s only 8.9", CPU is only 1.33 GHz, both of which I’d be willing to overlook. The killer for me is only 32GB space. Gonna have to pass.

If it wasn’t for the low storage, I’d really consider it. Probably helps battery life a ton, though.

i want one. kind of like the first time i saw the ipad. but this one is somewhat within reason pricewise. i want it so badly. why do you do this to me woot?

Twice as thick as an iPad but definitely more features…it supports flash too! Much more versatile than the iPad

Cheaper than the IPAD…

jaw drop wow. Very cool. SSD means great performance. This is 150% better than an ipad.


Product Website

“fees for WebStorage may apply after 1 year trial period”

What fees? How much? How often?

After just selling my 32gb iPad for the same price I paid for it at launch (to a guy in Russia) this is looking really tempting, 1.33Ghz is plenty to power movies in Videolan but flash can eat up everything sometimes.

Anyone know how this would handle content on Hulu or Netflix? I would assume Netflix should be all set as Silverlight runs pretty fast in Windows.

I like it…

seems like a toy, from the future

YouTube review


first look





The 32GB storage might be a turn-off, but remember thats a solid state drive. That means for many tasks this guy will seem much faster than it really is.

Might netbook has a much slower CPU but boots to XP and all startup programs in less than 10 seconds.

hmmm, this or a new ipod touch…

Anyone know if there has been problems with the hinge? (or whatever you call the thing that makes it into a tablet)

The 1.33Ghz ATOM will surely bring many a user serious (lack of) performance-induced frustration fits. Avoid if you like to refrain from madness.

It should run netflix just fine.