Asus Eee PC 8.9” Netbook Tablet PC

Well I will have to sell the refurbed netbook I bought from woot last month, but I think this is a better option. In for 1.

Very nice price for this, and NEW at that, but this one I’m going to have to pass on, primarily due to that ‘resistive’ (rather than capacitive) touch screen, and the fact that I already have a Lenovo S10-3t.

Again… Still a very solid WOOT - Enjoy!

Looks like a great deal. Standard netbooks with these kind of specs were around this price less than a year ago. I would get this over an iPad any day! :slight_smile:

Battery life, boot times, and noise are improved with the SSD. You’ll really notice how loud a traditional hard drive when it has been replaced with a SSD.

OH BOY. You get to hurry up and wait. Atom processors are junk. Originally designed for digital picture frames and MIDs, they are slow and painful for all but casual web browsing and word processing.

The resolution is incorrectly listed as 1024x768. It’s actually 1024x600 (typical for netbooks)

This is a perfect Netbook for a carputer!

This + “Centrafuse” = amazing all in one car pc.

Spare us the stylus.

The (32Gb) SSD helps battery life a little. The LED backlight helps a lot more. SSD does a few other things: no disk crashes means you’re not totally out of luck the first time you drop it. Also, it probably boots in under a minute. Find another Win7 PC that does that.

And even with Win7, 32 Gb is plenty of storage for anything but audio and video. And Acer gives you a 500 Gb subscription to store that in “the cloud” free for a year.

You’ll have to come up with a better excuse than that…

This will not do full screen flash video (youtube, hulu, etc.). It will play full screen video files though as noted above.

Anyone know what the sound card is like in these?

The specs list 1024x768, but the 8.9" screen is listed at 1024x600 on other websites, which is pretty common for the 8.9" netbook form factor.

Having used an Acer Aspire One ZG5 for years and its 1.6GHz Atom paired with an Intel GMA, I doubt this machine would handle streaming content like Netflix or Hulu very well. This is very tempting, however, to add to my array of other machines. The 32GB SSD is actually amazing considering how many of the early netbooks (like my ZG5) came with 8GB SSD. The performance should be awesome, but with that kind of space, you could easily dual boot Windows 7 and Linux/Ubuntu.

I want.

1.33ghz atom and Intel UMA video? This thing is really underpowered for multimedia. With a real video chip this could have been a contender. From experience with other netbooks can tell you that you aren’t going to watch youtube or hulu with this, way to underpowered.

I prefer a stylus, actually. I keep a combination pen/stylus in my pocket. (I’m not just happy to see you.)

This SSD is most likely like the rest of their EEE series, meaning it’s performance is comparable to a flash drive at best. I’ve gotten about 5-10MB/s on my EEE 1000.

Mostly right. The dual core atom processors are quite adequate for 95+% of users.

I have two older netbooks with worse specs, and they’re fine for watching videos, both over wifi and stored on locally. VLC doesn’t drop a frame. If you’re interested in that, these should work just fine.

And if storage is an issue, just buy a USB drive. They’re cheap, especially on deals.woot.

I’d be in for one if the two netbooks I already own weren’t still cranking away just fine.

This is about two years’ newer technology than an Eee 1000.

From the description:
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Yet it also says that it is widescreen. 1024 x 768 is a 4:3 resolution. (1024/768 = 1.333 = 4/3).
Which is it? I’m guessing that woot meant to say
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600

This looks superior to the Fruit Computer SnobPad. Is it more functional? If it can do ActiveSync with exchange it’s a winner.