Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor

I read that some of the units have the 4GB SSD’s soldered in and they are not upgradable. Do we know what this one has?

We have this exact same netbook (wootoff, I think!) in our kitchen. We love having it for quick surfs in the morning and when we get home. It starts up quicker than Windows and almost as quick as a well sorted Macbook. We have our favorite sites tabbed at the top of the browser so we rarely use the keyboard, which sucks ballz.

This is a great little internet appliance and handy-surfer-on-the-go. Just don’t think its going to replace your computer - netbooks aren’t designed for that.

The linux on there takes nooooo time to use, although we don’t ask it to do anything but surf right now.

Well worth the price.

PS, this would be a GREAT computer for kiddos.

Yes, the primary drive is soldered to the motherboard but you can add a secondary drive (HDD or SSD) using PCI-E.

Walmart has the Aspire One (120gb Drive, XP Home) for $236. My wife has the pink one and it works great for surfing the web, checking email, etc. You cannot beat these machines for bang for the buck. Obviously not intended for any gaming beyond solitaire.

True confession:

I got my eeePC so that I could use it as one might use a typewriter while I worked on my novel.

I ACTUALLY use my eeePC as a way to surf the web while I’m playing World of Warcraft on my main PC. I can use it to play mp3s, watch movies on hulu, and check the top raiding websites and podcasts while waiting for the raid to begin/get back on track. I don’t have to spend time tabbing in or out and I don’t have to slow down my framerate by running the raid video on one monitor and actually raiding on the other. I can refresh myself on raid strategy and watch raid videos just minutes before I go into the fight or, alternatively, while I’m dead.

True story.

the answer is at the top of this page and been said a dozen times throughout the thread if you were able to search before posting.

Anyone know the max RAM on this thing? Someone here said 2 GB of RAM but I’m not sure.

for the average person, 2gb is the most you can install. for an engineering student handy with a soldering iron, i made it 3 =)

you could always pop in an SD card and use it as virtual memory too. not as fast as actual ram but you will see a small increase in performance

Is there any way to search all of today’s posts for the Woot?

I’m addicted to these things.
I’m typying this on my Acer Aspire One 1165
Bought my g/f the eeepc 900 and am in the process of upgrading it with a new SSD and ram.
Now I just got this one for me, so I can take it on trips.
Going to either put windows7 or Ubuntu on it.
Woot! Time to put some SSD’s up on here!

not through the website, but you could always ctrl+f and search for keywords.

Is that with linux on it, or XP?

I checked and didn’t find any Acer Aspire One for less than $229.

And so does Linux. Just because people are more used to xp, doesn’t make it automatically more user friendly.

Xandros just happens to be crap compared to other distros.

Windows = Bad. Linux = Good.
Acer Ass Pyre = Bad. ASUS Eee= Good.
Comp USA = Meh. Woot = Yaaay!

So, Compusa Windoze Acer = Bad x2 + Meh.
and Woot LInux ASUS = Good x2 + Yaaay!

The choice is obvious.

I’m pretty computer illiterate. All I need this to do is work on youtube and pogo. All the upgrades and stuff has me confused. I’d appreciate any input. Thanks!

Not sure if this question has already been answered, but why not just hook up an external HD to this unit via one of the 3 USB? It has a 1.6 ghz processor so it should be able to handle an external HD fine??

I got one of these last time and right out of the box it tried to install updates and then crashed because it didn’t have enough memory to install them… Is that normal? I think I’m going to erase a lot of the stuff I don’t use and then see if it can handle the updates but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and what they did to fix it…

I picked up one of these for my daughter a month or so ago, the keyboard is way too tiny for my hands, the mouse is very touchy and rarely works the way I want(I had a wireless mouse so I try to use that as much as possible). The browser(firefox) that comes preloaded frequently locks up while my daughter is playing video games online(which is one of the reasons I bought the pc for her). Most of the 4gb HD was already used(probably 3.2gb of it) for the programs running on it so I had to purchase a separate SD card. No camera came on my refurbished one.

Bottom line is if you are looking for a very low end netbook this is for you but for very little more $ you could likely have one thats much better with more features & goodies.

Why is everyone obsessed with having XP on these netbooks?

Windows is only good for two things

  1. Most games that will not run acceptably in Wine

  2. Applications that will not run in Wine acceptably i.e. Solidworks, AutoCAD, Adobe Suits etc.

Why do you need Windows XP on a netbook? Are you somehow under the delusion that the Intel Integrated is good for 3D accelerated apps which only run on Windows?

Are you somehow crazy enough to believe that you are going to run a expensive high end business application which requires Windows?

There is no reason to have on this Netbook or any netbook regardless of what Microsoft wants you to believe.