Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor

I recommend for an OS replacement. Works great! (have it on a 900 now, no major issues)

Some good reviews from

I bought this one last month or so when it was last offered only I got the 16GB SSD drive model for this price. I wonder if this is a misprint and this one is the 16GB as well? Either way, I really love mine. It is an incredible deal for the money.

I got one of these to give as a gift (this coming Friday). It’s got a lovely box.

More later.

use nlite to shrink xp then use flashpoint to speed the ssd up works great on mine

I myself, might get one for college and use my desktop, and would recommend the same to anyone who doesn’t want to buy an expensive laptop and still have mobility.

For $10 more you can get the black version from zipzoomfly. But they have free shipping so like it’s only $5 more for black.

The last time they offered this you were given a choice of colors. I bought the black one.

Once you go black, you never go back.

Have been on the fence for Eee for months now. All I need is to check email, and what is on woot for the day. Kids like to play internet games. Will this work??

Similar price, but refurb. So not bad here.

There are a lot of variations on these netbooks!

does this have a built in webcam?

How are the keypads on this netbook? Is it difficult to type on them?

You really can’t go wrong with these Asus machines, especially the Linux ones. My wife has the model previous to this one and she’s had no troubles in the last year. If I needed a netbook, I would take this over the Woot offering.

That’s what I have been doing. Even a 15" laptop is a pain to lug around. I would Woot this, but my Eee 701 is still kicking ass.

No webcam on this one.

“Arrrr-der now” has to be the best pun I’ve seen all decade.

I’m typing on my netbook I got late June (it was $185 w/shipping), it had XP and a 16gb ssd. I don’t know how I would manage with just a 4gb sd, I’d wait for the next one to come around with a bigger drive, unless you wanted to open it up and put a new one in yourself. For what it’s worth I put Eeebuntu on mine as soon as I got it and I love it.

I also recommend easy peasy. I used that to fix the defect on the last one they sold, you know, the defect that came preinstalled as an OS?

The thing is QUIET. Not just in that the HD doesn’t have to spin up, but also the fan/heat management system is very quiet.