Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor

Everything except iTunes, as far as I know. iTunes is only for Windows/MacOS.

Anyone out there have an iTunes option for Linux?

I tried and failed, to install a touch screen. The controllers usually require soldering to parts of the Eee’s internals.

There are solderless kits which requirse less know how and of course, less possibility to brick a precious purchase.

Weigh it heavily before ultimately deciding (remember that this would also void the warranty). There’s an entire forum for Eee users:
All the questions you could have (and more, even) are there, answered.

I ordered a battery just like that a week or so ago. It’s crazy slow shipping from DX and other places since they’re usually based in China. I don’t know the exact discharge time for the battery, so I can’t quote on anything since I don’t have it physically nor have I tried it.

I’ll gladly post when I do, but that’s going to be at least a few days, and could be up to another week.

A few questions:

I only intend to use for web, maybe a little word processing and PDF viewing while on the road.

  1. If I install another OS, is there really a need for expanding the RAM and drive capacity? I intend to use a large capacity SD card for media and document storage.
  2. Which OS seems best? Recently a lot of positive posts about Easy Peasy. How does it compare to NBR?
  3. Is the current default autoupdates for the current OS? There are several different ways to turn that off, apparently, but is that even necessary if you are going to install the new OS immediately?

the ssd in it is a mini PCI-E card, not a traditional hard disk shape. patriot makes these cards as well as runcore and super talent, and maybe others i am unaware of.

Could this handle an install of MS Word and Powerpoint on this instead of the whole Office Suite? I would love to have it for my classroom and I only use those two programs for teaching purposes? Thanks.


This one is actually good (Read: Atom processor vs. Celeron)

Bought it last time it was on Woot and love it. Just took it on a week long vacation (and two plane trips) and it was great. Customer service is surprisingly good as well. Totally worth it.

This one also has 1 GB memory. The one on Woot only has 512 MB

Wooters - My Mom and Dad have an older Dell laptop that is really the biggest piece of dung out there. They use it to surf the net, play online Texas Hold’em, Yahoo! email and online games like Bejeweled, Mahjong, word games, etc. Nothing too video intensive. I want to replace their Dell with this Eee Netbook and get them a keyboard and monitor to hook up (they have a mouse). So, essentially use it as a little desktop for their internet pleasures. Other than replacing the distro to something better like Eeebubtu and upgrading to the 16GB SSD, will this Netbook fit the bill for my folks? Thanks in advance for your help.

FINALLY - Someone else - THANK YOU! I purchased this netbook a couple of weeks ago from the regular WOOT site, as a very much needed gift to help keep my 72 year old mom-in-law in touch while she is away on her trips to visit relatives. By the time I had been on it for a couple of hours trying to get her started, we had also ( and continue to ) run smack into “Dan’s Guardian” - which is effectively stopping her from shopping anywhere - even WOOT…also accusing us of trying to view “Japanese Pornography”, telling us that it CANNOT be removed, and that we needed to contact our “Network Administrator”! Both of us are fairly “XP” literate as users ( not programmers ), but “Linux” is a completely new world for us. My phone call for help to the Asus support line resulted in a very sarcastic and totally unhelpful “technician” advising me that I needed to contact my home internet provider ( AOL ), and that I was the problem - not their eee machine.

I will next be going back to the various comments left on the original sale WOOT page - where all the people whom really know what’s going on live; trying to find and cancel the automatic updates, and looking for “EEEBuntu” to try to install it for her.

But please - PLEASE - how do I disable “Dan’s Guardian”? And how do I get a mouse to work with the thing, as it won’t acknowledge a single one we have?

Both are ubuntu customized to run on asus eee pc netbooks. Easy Peasy is based on ubuntu 8.10, eeebuntu is based on newer ubuntu 9.04. Both will work great on this netbook. Personally, I prefer the Easy Peasy version.

Thanks. I have another question: I wanted to go ahead and get a USB drive set with Easy Peasy, using my desktop Windows Vista machine. I downloaded Easy Peasy, got an ISO file that I saved. Then I downloaded Unetbootin, saved it in the same folder, then ran it. I selected the ISo fil and the right USB location. I ran the program and got four files on the USB drive, none of which are the iso file. There’s a menu.c32, syslinux.cfg, ubnfilel.txt and ubnpath1.txt. After it says it loaded what it was supposed to, it asked me to reboot. Reboot my desktop? Why would I do that? And if I just remove the USB drive and try and boot the eeePC with that, will it work with just those four files? Where is the iso file? Sorry to be so dense about something that I"m sure is very basic, but I have no experience with these operating systems…at all. Thanks.

I also had problems trying to load Easy Peasy from a usb thumb drive. What I did was download Easy Peasy iso file, copied to a dvd. Then used a usb dvd drive to load Easy Peasy. I just went into the netbook bios,(f2 on boot), went to boot priority and set the boot first to external cd/dvd drive. Used the left usb connector for the usb drive and rebooted and had no problems loading. Just answer the questions it asks while loading.Tell it to use the whole ssd. When it’s done loading you re-boot and should be good to go. Don’t forget to go back into the bios and change your boot priority back to the ssd drive. If you don’t change it back boot-up will take a few moments longer. Hope this helps.

Thanks. That’s a big help. As I don’t have the netbook yet, I’m wondering after you boot from the DVD drive, are you then given the option to install Easy Peasy as the operating system?

Bring up your web browser.
Open the Network settings using Edit/Preferences/Network. Click on the “Settings…” button, then click on “Direct connection to the internet”. Click OK, and you’re done. Dan’s Guardian is now bypassed.

It’s still running, however. If it was installed on my eee, I’d be able to tell you how to remove it entirely; the above directions should allow you to bypass it.

As for the mouse, I dunno - mine recognizes USB mice just fine.

Well i finally broke down and bought one of these. I’ve watched them come and go in the past but my wife and I travel a few times a year and we wanted something we didn’t really care about or have to be so gentle with. with the SSD I figure you can toss it around a bit.

also, i tried linux a few years ago on a desktop machine and absolutley hated it!!! i’m hoping this experience will be much nicer.

one question. with the SD expansion slot, can i go buy a 32gb SD card and put an OS on it and basically have my C:/ my 32gb SD card and name the internal 4gb as the D:/ ?

If you have the Easy Peasy dvd in the dvd drive on boot the netbook will see it and offer you several selections. Pick “install ubuntu” and it will set up the ssd for the install. It will ask you a few questions like what time zone you’re in, what keyboard setup (usa), your name, how much of the ssd you want to use for this os ( use all), etc… Then it will install Easy Peasy. The whole evolution takes about twenty minutes, then re-boot and you should be ready to go.

you could always use a 32gig SDHC card. you can find them on ebay for like 20-40 bucks. just adds an extra 32 gigs to it =]

You know, the more I thought about this, the more I don’t understand why you can’t just copy the iso file to an SD or thumb drive and boot it. It sounds like that’s all you did except you put it on a DVD, right?