Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 1.6GHz Atom Processor

do i void the hardwaren warrantee if i change the os? i want to use eeebuntu.

Normally I’d dismiss Linux raving, but given the small screen size and storage capacity I have to agree. Linux leaves you more space for programs, boots faster, and there’s pretty much nothing windows-only that you’d really want to do on this anyway.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix also has a great UI designed for 1024x600 screens – it gives you an easy-to-use “main menu” and saves you a little bit of vertical screen space.

You MUST change the OS, and it will not void the warranty.

The Xandros that it comes with will completely fill your hard drive when automatic updates are turned on, forcing you to format and reinstall in order to use the system again.

Before you connect to the internet for the first time turn off the automatic updates. It leaves about 1 gig of free space.

does this come with a webcam?


The netbook on has a celeron 900mhz processor, and 512 mb ram. This netbook has a atom n270 1.6mhz processor, and 1gb ram. This netbook,with the atom processor is superior. My wife, and I, each have one of these. Installed a 16gb, and 32 gb, sata super talent ssd’s from ubuntu easy peasy. They work great and only weight 2.2lbs. My son has the other celeron version. Runs hotter, and battery life is not as good. Highly recommend this model.

Can you link to the SSD that you used?

does this have a webcam?

no it does not.

Go pick up a copy of October 2009 MaximumPC Mag. The cover article on the inside goes through taking an ASUS 901 w/ 4gb SSD Drive and upgrading the drive to 120 or 160 Hard Disk or 16gb/32gb SSD Drive for more storage. Also, I have an ASUS 1005HD w/160gb HDD. Came with 1gb RAM, easy to upgrade to 2gb, did the Same with my Wifes’ Pink Asus 910HD, 1 gig stick with a 2gb stick, both run windows, but the internet says go with Linux on Netbooks for speed and size. XP still bloated ware for stripped down netbooks. Also, go get a CD?DVD drive for all your netbooks and your ready to upload, download, and roll with the punches. It isn’t gonna down and Photoshop much… 16gb sata ssd fpm16grse $53.

So if you get this one, upgrading the hdd increases the speed and if you put xp on it, there’s drivers that work for it?
Also, is the Intel UMA worse than the 950 GMA?

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No the harddrive on this isn’t interchangeable it’s super glued to the actual screen

… Not true … this one is not hard wired.

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Been using this for couple months now. Using what people call the crappy linux on it which is very stable (Xandros is actually good for it). If you want something for basic task of web surfing, typing, pdf viewer then this is it. The 4 gb is small so I got a 8 gb sd card for about 15 dollars on woot during a special. I also got znes and play final fantasy and street fighter on mine all the time lol. I personally squeeze a good 4-5 hrs out of mine and its the downclocked celeron edition but that is running it uber low. Atom processor should get you way higher esp if you tweak it for long performance. Got VLC installed on it as well for video. The general mplayer is good but VLC allows for more formats. Hope that helps anyone.

P.S. If you don’t know linux, please know to immediatly turn off automatic updates for your system. If you don’t it will use ALL of the 4gb hd before you do anything.

I bought this same netbook as a refurb a couple months ago. I really love it but I upgraded the hard drive and ram. The extra ram I could maybe live without I don’t seem to use more than 1gb ever. But the hard drive is a must! The included 4gb is a snail and will drive you crazy. You have to spend the 50-90 bucks to get a better much faster bigger hard drive you will not regret it.

Basically if you buy this netbook you need this.

or this

and possibly this

and if you really want to go crazy this

Also I am running windows 7 rc1 with the bells on and it runs great.

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