Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook with 20GB SSD and Webcam

Hurray! It’s the LINUX version!

How many cells is the battery on this?

Um… no Mhz?

Isn’t that a pretty much required metric?


Id rather pay $20 more for the Atom version with WinXP and a 160GB drive (though Fedora 11 will be put on it).

If I had any need whatsoever for a netbook, I’d get this one right now. But I’m saving for a car and have a perfectly good laptop, and a decent desktop.

See the spacebar in the photo - looks squint? Mine looks like that too. Also after about 6 months my left click button stopped working. Have to tap on the pad to do a click now - doesn’t always work the same (eg for dragging with the button down).

I do like these machines but expect a high rate of failures from refurbs :frowning: Wish I’d bought mine new so I could get it repaired under warranty (or even better, never had it go wrong to begin with)


typing fron one of these now. Keyboard is slightly cramped but not too bad. If you got big old sausage fingers you may have trouble, but most people should get used to it quick. battery life is ok. Nothing to write home about but not bad. The thing is QUIET though. Keyboard gets warm because it vents partially through there. That should make some good winter typing.

One word of warning, don’t put windows on it. Windows is far too bloated and slow for these machines. I’m running easy peasy on this and it works fine.

LAPTOP magazine just tested many laptop manufacturers Customer service support & ASUS did very well with grade of B-.

Tech Support Showdown

Ive heard the SSDs on these things are notoriously slow and need to be upgraded. Anyone know how true this is?

The processor is 900MHz. Don’t expect a lot of heavy computing. Some of the more complex webpages will be a bit slower to load and process (regardless of your internet bandwidth) due to the 900MHz celeron.

However, for basic e-mail and web browsing, etc, this should be good.

Not sure how well it will play back high resolution videos (xvid/mpg4/etc), though. Might be a bit choppy.

My 900A refurb from woot got the same problem within the 90 day warranty period, except that the click works intermittently. So I send it in under warranty, along with a nice note explaining that the problem is intermittent so if they don’t notice it at first to keep trying and/or contact me. Of course, they send it back without fixing it, saying it works ok. I also found a review somewhere of someone else who had the same thing happen. If they hadn’t been such jerks with this, I probably would be buying today’s item.

celerons are 900 mhz.
atoms are 1.6 ghz.
same speed.
longer battery life with atom.

Do these come with matching earbuds?

The 900A that Woot sells sometimes has an 8GB HD and it is fairly slow. Not horrifyingly, but if you prefer some extra speed the upgrade is cheap enough. The 20 GB I have no idea about.

Personally I would recommend upgrading the RAM to 2 GB if you get this one.

The bottleneck on this thing is more likely going to be the 900Mhz processor than the disk drive. I think upgrading the SSD with a more expensive one would cost almost as much as the netbook itself, and the performace improvement would be minimal. Adding a 2nd GB of ram might help, but honestly, if you’re looking for a “high performace” netbook, this probably isn’t it. It’s more on the budget end.

I’m sorry, but with my personal experiences with ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba (all recently), and Dell (a few years ago), I have to say those rankings are almost exactly backwards.

You realize that this one is new, right…?

I’m not sure if your referring to the 10" EEEPC they had a few weeks back, but that was $250, about $60 more than this, and it was a re-furb. I got 1 and it is nice.

i know that ASUS makes the best netbooks, but linux? are you trying to only sell 10 of these, woot?