Asus Eee Top Touch Screen All-In-One Desktop PC Woot Info Post
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Asus Eee Top Touch Screen All-In-One Desktop PC [New] - $379.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Asus ETP1602C-BK-P0226 15.6” Touch Screen PC – Intel Atom N270, 2GB, 160GB, 802.11n, Webcam, Win XP

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I’ve been thinking about picking one of these up for my mother. Anyone have any idea if these would be good for the not-so-techy-and-like-to-open-emails-they-shouldn’t type?

Atom N270? That’s OK for a netbook (and that’s what I’m using right now), but unless you use this for anything but web surfing, I’d think it would be kinda slow.

Would probably be fine for her needs, but really there isn’t a ‘good computer’ out there for people who ‘like-to-open-emails-they-shouldn’t’. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $3000 Alienware or a $50 used Pentium 3… it’s still going to be an issue.

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I need someone to talk me out of getting this. I have wanted one of these all in ones for my desk top, for net surfing and e-mails only.

Anyone… please. I spent too much money in the past week on Woot. So anyone chime in, tell me this is a POS.

Of course I like ASUS stuff, so I may buy this before you can bad mouth it.

That’s exactly who’d I buy this for. Now if she gets into hardcore gaming, she’ll need something else.

Same product on Amazon is $549.99

Price comparison

No reviews for this specific model, however.

As nice and well-priced as this looks, I’m disinclined to go for an all-in-one PC because it usually means a wasted monitor- you have to toss the whole thing when it gets too old. For an Atom-based system, that time comes even sooner.

Though, unlike other all-in-ones (cough iMac cough), this thing is still quite inexpensive, so the inevitable waste of a screen is almost forgivable. It does look like a nice system for the coffee table or kitchen…

Atom processors are weaksauce, but Asus could sell boatloads of these for use as thin clients. Hm…

Found the same one onTiger Direct for $469.99. Seems like an awesome deal, would look great in the kitchen for a mini-tv/ recipe machine!

I have a similar setup in my netbook.

It’s a decent little machine, web browsing, e-mail, music. Something you buy for yourself or a family member who just needs a computer for the basics.

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All trash talk aside, this should be a fun series to watch.

I highly doubt Hulu (or netflix for that matter) will stream even SD on this thing. My N280 (1.66 ghz) and 2gb of ram barely does so on my 1024x600 netbook. This thing has to output to a higher res.

mom would love this… It’s everything an internet user could want. You’re paying a little extra for a touchscreen, so be sure to consider whether you/your relatives prefer appearance or portability. Because you could get a cheap laptop for less than this, but not by much.

Twins fan here: Thanks, Rangers!!!

Good size screen.

I think this could be a nice thing to get and put on the desk for when guests come over.

Still probably use the laptop primarily, but an extra computer is always a good thing to have around even if it’s only for surfing and e-mail.

I actually work at Pegatron with people who fix these all day, I personally work with hp, asus, and dell testing motherboards, vga cards, and wires all day but I have to say they are good PC’s. and I’m not just saying that because I work with them :stuck_out_tongue:

In my profession we take notebooks to various places. Because of that we cannot do anything on the computer that could potentially embarrass us.

So in a magazine article I wrote for my profession I suggested getting a notebook for the desktop and call it a phrase I coined ten years ago, a “net only machine.” The notebook would never leave the desk, that way one is assured of never being embarrassed or even get into legal trouble.

For example, there’s the story of a lawyer who was at deposition. He took a bathroom break while everyone waited for him to get back. While away, his screen saver kicked in. No big, right, except it was a porn screensaver.

I advised that a desk top net only machine could be a low end or outdated notebook because if one is only going on the Net, one does not need the fastest machine for that.

I also advised getting one of these all-in-one machines, if the budget allowed.

Moreover, I wrote that a notebook or fancy looking all-in-one sitting on the desktop looked impressive to clients and also sent the message that you are tech savvy.

So that’s another use for these other than relatives who don’t know much about computers other than checking e-mails.

And this is coming from someone who has ten notebooks and netbooks. (And three desktop computers).

I was looking at Lenovo’s all-in-one, but it was at the time too expensive (to me anyway). But now they have one that is something to consider the C200:

So this is a sweet deal, that now I have talked myself into getting.

Sheesh, Woot can you cancel my account and ban my IP from the site, please.

I don’t have any direct evidence to contradict your claim, just a 4-year-old desktop with a 128 MB AGP card and a single-core precessor that works pretty well with streaming sites. I think that users who buy a computer in this class can expect a Hulu experience that is liveable, although perhaps not “ideal” and/or at the maximum framerate. My desktop is inferior to my 3-year-old dual-core laptop with integrated graphics, which handles hulu 480 with ease and is presumably inferior to most anything today. I don’t have firsthand experience with this processor/graphics combo, so I welcome any criticism, but I have trouble believing that it can’t handle our basic computing/streaming/media/touchscreen tasks.

Assuming it doesn’t work out for mom and I decide to keep it for myself, can the monitor be used as secondary display for an existing PC? It doesn’t look like it, but just checking in case there’s something I can’t see in the pics.

Not that I’d really need or want to, but I’m still curious…

If not, I suppose it always works with Input Director.