Asus Eee Top Touch Screen All-In-One Desktop PC

I am not big on the touch screens because there is little room for upgrades.

it’s a killa

do you have to touch the keyboard too?

aaaaaand that’s a wrap for awhile, at least for a few hours of sleep

OMG there would be a wootoff when I fly to Seattle. fml

No, if you like you can wear gloves or use a stick.

I’ll go for the stick

They are only wooting in one state. :frowning:

Maybe this won’t be a killer

They apparently only have 2

That’s a nice change

Ew. I just noticed it was XP. No wonder no one wants to buy.

These all in one pc’s should really come with a built in wireless receiver for input devices. My .02

I see two! Look North.