Asus EeeBook X205TA 11.6" 32GB Notebook

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Asus EeeBook X205TA 11.6" 32GB Notebook
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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

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so is this like a tablet with an extra gig of ram and a keyboard?

especially with this $21 cpu,

inside this tablet.

Yeah, I was just thinking that this is basically one of those cheap Win 8 tablets turned into a laptop. The specs remind me of the HP Stream 7 in particular (which is as low as $80 on Amazon at the moment) but with double the RAM (always a good thing) and a bigger display in addition to the keyboard. The HDMI and extra USB ports are also nice. The only disappointing thing is the omission of a touch display. Other than that, it seems like a solid deal for $150, considering that it’s usable enough while not being expensive to the point where you’d be too worried if you lost or dropped it.

For reference, I have the aforementioned Stream 7, and despite the specs it’s quite usable as long as you don’t expect to multitask. I also have an Asus VivoTab ME400 with a previous-generation Atom (Z2760) and 2 GB RAM, but the Stream 7 feels faster (outside of multitasking) despite half the RAM due to the better CPU. This EeeBook has the same CPU as the Stream 7 but with double the RAM, so it should have noticeably better performance.

To be honest, when I first started seeing these low-end Win 8 tablets I was shocked that they were being made with 2 GB and even 1 GB of RAM, but despite all that they still work surprisingly well given the hardware.

$30 more for brand new at Best Buy. Have not Wooted much of late simply because there aren’t many good deals! What happened to the Woot we used to know?

Well, an extra $30 is pretty significant for something priced pretty low in the first place; in fact it’s a 20% premium over this refurb.

As far as what happened to Woot, well, they sold out to Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Not that I dislike Amazon, but now Woot is more of a clearinghouse for them rather than a quirky deal-a-day site.)

That thirty dollar premium will seem like nothing if you have ever had to deal with a DOA situation with WOOT.

We are not their clearing house. We are an independent subsidiary with our own team of hard working buyers. :wah:

I have this laptop. I got it for a 14 year old to use for school. He loves it because it is so light weight. It is definitely not a power house but he can play minecraft, but not very well which is OK with me because he was gaming to much and ignoring school. Netflix plays great on it as well as all office applications. All in all very happy with the purchase.

I got this for 99 dollars last black friday, and added a 64 gig micro sd card. You need to keep the ssd for windows 8 and minimal storage with windows 8 updates consuming space quickly. It has no problems streaming video and running office programs, quiken, etc.

It is super super lightweight I wish it had a lit keyboard.

Remember to store programs and content on your micro sd card.
This is a decent deal, but amazon prime has it new at 199, I think it is worth it because it is full blown windows vs Rt.

Great, I was thinking of getting this for the household kids, and that helps knowing that it’s not a gaming powerhouse (not that I was expecting any different). I just want something that they can do research on (wikipedia) and do documents/etc. Sounds like a good deal for that.

That is exactly what this is. It’s called a netbook and was very popular in 2010, just before tablets became mainstream.

I had a version of this netbook back then and it was a great way to browse the net whilst on the back porch. Lasted quite a while for the beating it took.

I would buy another, but honestly our phones are good enough for porch internet browsing nowadays. And then you have to decide if you want this form factor or a tablet.

Typing this comment on a tablet “screenboard” would have been a real pain and that is the main plus for netbooks. Also true if you want your kid to do homework (remember the screenboard takes up half the screen). But if you want them to do a research paper, I suggest a better setup than just this netbook.

I’ve now bought two of these for my high school senior and college freshman offspring. They’re handy for academic work, weak for gaming (of course). They fit into a backpack among the textbooks. I bought the two NEW bundled with a year of Office 365, for this same price, once at Staples and once at BestBuy. On Black Friday this was $99. So, these are useful machines but this is not a compelling price.

True that!

There is an important difference to note here. The HP Stream tablets and other budget tablets have the Intel Atom Z3735G whereas netbooks like this one, the ASUS T100, and the Acer Switch 10 have the Z3735F.

The Z3735F has twice the memory bandwidth and memory channels, so it does run noticeably faster, especially for multitasking desktop applications (like the Office suite).

Here’s the comparison table for reference. You can also check out the GeekBench 3 comparison here.

This is an excellent machine for younger students (junior high and high school). I wouldn’t recommend it for college kids if it’s in the budget to get a better machine (you can get a decent laptop with an Intel Core i5 from HP or Dell for under $500 if you watch for sales), only because college classes these days frequently require the installation of software for taking online tests and evaluations and whatnot, and this little guy just doesn’t have the storage capacity or performance for that stuff.

Call this laptop weak if you want but those geekbench scores blow away the netbooks of a few years ago with 1st gen Atoms. These bay trail CPU’s will surprise you. Low RAM will be an issue before CPU power.

Here is what my old netbook scores.

Would this be able to keep up with, say, 50-100 open tabs in Chrome (across 3-5 windows)?

Loool, if you are serious, the answer is no.

From personal experience, (home desktop with an i7 2700k and 16GB of RAM), Chrome loves memory and can easily go beyond 2GB usage. It may work if you use an extension called “The Great Suspender”.