Asus EeeBook X205TA 11.6" 32GB Notebook

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Asus EeeBook X205TA 11.6" 32GB Notebook
Price: $129.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Oct 12 to Thursday, Oct 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to learn all about the processor

CPU Benchmarks

Bought one of these about a year ago for light-use and as a troubleshooting tool for some on location IT work and it’s been great. It’s tiny so easy to carry everywhere and it’s reasonably quick at getting things done.

I paid about double the price here, and in many ways you get what you pay for; the touchpad tends to move the cursor when I try to use the left-right click portions, there’s no Ethernet port, and the onboard storage is tiny. These are all things you can deal with reasonably with USB related tools (usb to ethernet adapter is particularly good here). The only downside is the USB ports are right where you’d want to use a wireless mouse if you’re right-handed, which can be annoying.

I’d buy it again in a heartbeat though, suits my needs very well.

If it had Office 365 for 1 year, like the one I bought previously, I would highly consider it. I’m not seeing it listed.

Windows crawls on 2GB, walks on 3GB and runs on >=4. I wonder how you upgrade that?

I agree not having wired ethernet is disappointing.

Software isn’t included.

I travel every day on a plane…always worry about getting my laptop getting ripped off … with this thing and the cloud at $129…no worries.

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade the RAM on this, as it’s soldered to the motherboard, as is the 32GB storage.

I’ve purchased two of these computers from Woot in the past year. They’re fun little machines. I ended up giving both of them away as gifts but when I had them they were pretty nice. I would recommend them to people looking for a great portable, light use machine.

It’s hard for me to believe that with Z3735F (passmark 913)processor and 2GB RAM running a Windows machine, Asus bloatware, antivirus would be a pleasurable experience. ChromeOS on this platform might work fine, but Windows is far too resource heavy for this hardware. It’s $130, so it’s not like a huge risk, just don’t expect too much. I would not bother putting any office apps on it (it will take up more resource utilization), I think you are better off using Google docs for your office apps. Uninstall the bloatware and upgrade to Windows 10. I would just use the built in W10 antivirus (Defender) and do on demand scans using malwarebytes and superantispyware occasionally- that should help keep some of your background resource utilization down. I think the Toshiba Chromebook the other day at $180 was a much better machine for the money.

Unfortunately you can’t run something like Scrivener under Chrome. I had a Chromebook, it was nice enough, but I sold it to buy one of these. So far, no regrets.

I love this laptop! I watch Netflix movies on it with no buffering at all, super clear picture too. Perfect for surfing the web. It is so light I can carry it in my purse. I would highly recommend this.

Bought an Asus eeebook from Woot a few years ago. Maybe it’s fixed in this model but the hinge and the screen were so poorly constructed that the screen regularly went dark and I had to swivel it back and forth to get it to light up. Sometimes it never lit up. This was maybe a year into owning it. Never again with Asus.

I bought this same laptop almost two years ago from Staples on a Black Friday sale. It’s been pretty OK. I don’t use it for work or anything too taxing though. Email, Netflix, Amazon streaming all run fine. I am a little surprised the price for a refurb is still this high but maybe the $99 deal was better than I thought.

I use the mini HDMI to extend the screen output to a nice 26" “Major Maker” woot refurb monitor which it seems to do well.

Nov 2014 is not really 2 years ago…just saying.

I brought one of these from the MS store about 6 or 7 months ago and I love it great for doing web stuff and email and light gaming plus MS Office. I already upgraded it to windows 10 no problem and I added a mico sd card for more storage. Battery life is really great on it last more then a day. Great all around laptop for under $200 (I paid $160 new for mine)

Does anyone know if this comes with the 1yr, 100GB OneDrive promotion? If I have an existing promotion for 100GB does it just extend what I have or add the space currently?

In for 1 anyway. Been running into some compatibility issues with software support on my XP eeePC, and the SSD & Win10 upgrade I was considering were probably going to cost about $200. With this, at least you I can pop in a 128GB microsd that I already own and get a respectable amount of drive space.

I think you can run Scrivener in Ubuntu. It takes about 30 minutes to install Ubuntu in a chroot environment (on a Chromebook) with a hot key switch back and forth between Chrome and Ubuntu. There are videos everywhere on how to do it, and it’s not very hard at all. Ubuntu performs pretty well on that Toshiba Chromebook that was just sold (because I have one). I love Windows (and use it primarily), I just get frustrated when a device lacks the power to make loading applications effortless. Hey if it works for you great, I just don’t have much patience.