Asus EeeBook X205TA 11.6" 32GB Notebook

I have Office on mine with no problem. Use word, one note and publisher no problem at all. I have even installed Itunes (running it from the micro sd card) And have no problem playing my music videos and ohh it has good volume gets loud.

I got mine from the Microsoft Store I saved abit by not getting the Office for one year (I did not need it I have office 365 which gives me 5 installs for $99.00 a year) anyway buying it gave no additional one drive space.

Okay, you got me. THAT’S A BABY ROACH!!! I went for a tissue to squash it.

In general, most promotions aren’t available on Factory Reconditioned models.

That Atom CPU, though. I’ll keep biding my time.

My maths is bad. That explains why the price has held up.

One more funky thing about this laptop are the two silver projections in the back for the lid hinges. They can and do scratch up your desk. I have mine on a little towel rolled up so it won’t scratch up my black “piano finish” laptop stand any more worse.

Ethernet is a big deal? A USB ethernet dongle is like $10.

I think the trade off of the slimness is worth getting rid of the RJ45

  1. Memory is listed as DDR3L. Wouldn’t be listed that way if it were soldered in.
  2. Crucial sells memory upgrade kits for this specifically listed machine. Again, indicates that it is user replaceable.

A quick Google shows a couple sites saying that it is not user upgradeable.

Not even remotely true. Go look at Newegg’s current DDR3 laptop RAM offerings - more than half of it is low-voltage. Many computers, from cheap desktops like the HP Stream Mini up to expensive Ultrabooks, use low-voltage RAM now. It does not mean the RAM is soldered on.

Not really sure why. We sold these at the computer shop I worked at, and I dismantled the demo one to check out the innards. The storage and RAM are soldered onto the motherboard.

You’d be surprised, TBH. I have three Bay Trail Atom devices, and they all run Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 very well. The days of needing 8GB RAM or more for Windows to run well ended with Vista.

See above comment.

If you live near a Microsoft Store, ask for a free Signature install, which removes everything. Or just uninstall the extra stuff. ASUS at least doesn’t include too much junk.

You don’t need AV in Windows anymore. Just use Windows Defender and don’t download junk off of known advertising sites. You’ll be fine and Windows Defender is very resource efficient.

Have you used Windows 8.1 on a Bay Trail Atom machine for more than a few minutes at Best Buy or Fry’s? It’s snappier than you’d expect, by a long shot.

If you upgrade to Windows 10, you can get the modern Office apps for free, which are lightweight and take up less space. That being said, Office runs fine on these.

Why? Google Docs is a half-assed “productivity suite” in your web browser. It’s useless for most people. If you’re that intent on not installing software, use Office Online, which is free and light years more feature-filled that Google’s crap.

First thing you’ve said that I can agree with.

Again, you don’t really need to do this. Don’t install random crap on your machine, and you don’t actually need to run these various scanners. Just be a responsible computer user!

Except that ChromeOS can’t even do 10% of what a Windows 8.1 or 10 machine can do. I have a Chromebook along with my various Windows devices. It’s a glorified web browser.

That 10% is > 90% of what most people use a computer for. I love Windows, but I have to admit that it’s nice not having to worry about antivirus and other malware issues. The Z3735F benchmarks are about half of what Core2 Duo E7500 benchmarks from early 2009. Look - if it works for you great, I just don’t have the patience for those specs. Get some adware on there and it will slow to a crawl real fast.

You don’t, but then they’ve been selling tablets with similar internals
and only 1GB of RAM for a year now, and those work surprisingly well. Windows 8.1 is relatively frugal, 10 more so, meaning this is fine for basic tasks (which is all that most people do) if the screen size and resolution is acceptable.

damn you. I just tried to mash that little critter twice. Seconds of my life, I’ll NEVER get back! GRRRRRRR

My 10 year old wants a PC for the purpose of playing Minecraft. (We already have it on the XBox and ipod.)

Are the speed/memory concerns people have raised going to be an issue? Will this work with a basic download of the version of the game for Windows? I’m a Mac person and have been useless in this endeavor.

Is this touch screen?

I had a different EeeeeeeeeBook in 2011. These machines are not for hardcore computing but for lightweight PORTABLE computing. Remember it can’t run 50tabs or high-speed games. Email, browsing internet, “REAL Windows Programs”…


Pass. Would have thought about it if it were upgradeable to at least 4 GB. I’m certain I have a 64GB or 128GB SATA SSD lying around unused, but that’s soldered on as well.

I was looking for a cheap portable to replace my aging EeePC 10-incher which itself was upgraded from 1GB to 2GB, from rotating disk to SSD, and from Windows XP to Linux.

This machine, with it’s tiny onboard storage is designed to be a “glorified web browser” as well. Welcome to the cloud. Any kind of device or additional local storage work-around you’ll have to do with this will also add local storage to my Chromebook. I can use the free online MS Office apps just like anybody else. MS Onedrive and Googledrive are accessed equally on a Chromebook.

I use a Chromebook as my primary work machine and it handles my property management duties quite well. The only thing I’ll give you is printing off 40 page PDF file requires some contortions on my part with the Chromebook. But Chromebooks aren’t going away.

I have an HP 7" 1gb tablet I bought when the Windows store had them for $69. It actually runs quite well. Fairly snappy and web browsing is fast. Runs Office fine. My AMD A-8 laptop on the other hand ran excrutiatingly slow with 4gb until I put 12gb RAM in.