Asus EeePC 10.1” Netbook with 6-Cell Battery

Have one and love it.

EXACT same netbook at BestBuy, just a 3 cell battery instead of 6 cell for $275.

Yay! It’s a NETBOOK!

Did you get the ones with 9.5-10.5 battery life though? These cost a bit extra.

The 3 cell ones don’t get as great of battery life.

These little PCs are great… and they don’t make a bad Hacintosh either :wink:

hahaha… you’re funny…

And the Ford Focus is better than an Acura RL.

Refrob — do not waaant…

Hmmm, looks like I didn’t miss much…surprised this is still going, thought it would be done by now.


Yeah, bought the Red version of this model for my girlfriend for Xmas. Bought NEW at Best Buy for $279.99

Not paying the same for a refurb, especially if I don’t know which model I’ll end up with. Sorry wOOt, but you blew it on this one.

I have an HE and love it, but the price is high. Fail on the deal-getting, Woot.

Plus its new, not refurb…

I have one of these and love it, I drive all over the place for work and use then when I can snipe an unsecured wireless connection.

But I only paid 289 new about a month and a half ago

Have one of each cannot go wrong with either one
he is easier to add memory to. this is not the same version as the one at best buy . best buy
version is a p.o.s.

is it mediocre compared to the newer lower price laptops that are on sale at best buy? there are some under 400 at best buy with win7 i hear

AAAARGH!! I just hit the “want one” for the ear buds and got redirected to this lap top.
Send the ear buds. Two pair. Schnell!!

The 6 cell battery is worth the upgrade in price ~

No it is $329 at New Egg

This is the N280 processor, the faster one, with the faster FSB too. and with the 8.5hour batter life pretty nice. I just wish they put 2 GB Ram in it. I already bought a netbook so can’t help the Woot.

You actually get to pick the one you want…magical, I know.

Do they overheat easily?