Asus EeePC 10.1” Netbook with 6-Cell Battery

$309 free ship for new on Amazon

I own a 1000HE (1 year) and increased the memory to 2gb along with Win7. Decent machine when I don’t want to lug around my work laptop. 6+ hours runtime on wireless, using bluetooth and disabling the cpu throttle which is how they advertise 9+ hours.

Surprise! A compliment from me.

The six-cell battery alone makes these netbooks worth it. I’m typing to you on one that has approximately one and one half hours’ worth of battery life…and I bought it in May of '09 for more.

Buy this, w00ters!!!

Don’t buy it for gaming. But, then, you’re not stupid, right?

Try pricing the 6 cell and you see why.

Why do the pictures of the 1005HA keyboards have black magic marker on the keyboards?

Still at 100%? Won’t see monkeys anytime soon, I fear :frowning:

That’s the 3 cell version which gets about 3.5 hours. This one is 10.5.

i have this netbook and i love it. i also found this customization on ebay that sets it apart from others

Ok, well if thats the case check out Best buy’s $300 Asus, has windows 7, 6 cell battery, and a 250gb hard drive, otherwise its the same as this one…

If I didn’t already have 2 laptops and a netbook…lol

Okay so can someone by these so we get onto the MONKEYS!!!

I need more monkeys to terrorize the dogs with!

Do remember that their is a rumor of glow in the dark monkeys from the CES coverage!! Waiting to see if its true or not?!

Do some more KitchenAid stuff, I need some.


I think the crowd is about netbooked out by now, but who knows… could get suprised.

Nope, but some of the AC adapters do.

Mine did about a month ago, had to put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes to fix it. Asus was backordered on the adapter (about a month wait), wasn’t going to wait for that.

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Call me idiot, but I don’t know where you see the % of items that remains…

The yellow bar between the flashing Woot lights seems to get longer or shorter randomly. Do I need a browser other than FireFox to see the % left?

i have this netbook and found this customization really great to go along with it

There you go. Finally a computer you can actually use that 99 cent battery charger you got yesterday.

One 6 cell is definitely worth $50 and the one at Best But for $275 is the slower N270 Atom processor, with slower FSB. You can definitely compare these two but this one wins hands down.