Asus EeePC 10.1” Netbook


pass on the three cell battery

Newegg has the ACER $199 New FS

DONG… Where is my AUTOMOBILE???

I’d be in for one if I didn’t have an HP netbook Hackintoshed. The keyboards on the EEE pcs are a bit weird for my taste, though.

I spent 6 months dealing with asus Eee support to get the last one I bought to work right.

Not bloody likely.

Never again. Not reccomended.

Now I can safely head to work :slight_smile: thanks woot!

Believe it or not… this is actually a good netbook. :expressionless: Somebody is colorblind in the listing, but other than that…

So we’re calling this red now?

I think I’ll be in for 1. I have a battery extender that should work, or at least I could make a voltage regulator that should make it work. :slight_smile:

I bought this, and I love it - brother bought one too (only with the accessory pack). Recommend to updgrade RAM to 2GB. Very easy to do.

This is $10 or $15 cheaper than when I wooted.

hahahahaha, that totally made my day, thanks Woot writers :smiley:

damn you woot! purpleeeee. demand purple!

Even with the 3 cell, the battery life is decent… For the price, can you really beat it?

Where’s the purple netbook drooler when this came up?

Was it kayboss? I can’t remember.

The cow button sticks on this thing.

For wootstaff that continue to sell carp:

Here’s a link for the EBR-I that’s on the screen. Intersting read!

that would be me. and it’s red :frowning: not close enough to purple… lame.