Asus EeePC 10.1” Netbook

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Asus EeePC 10.1" Netbook
$189.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Asus 1005HAB-RRED001X Red 10.1" Netbook, 1GB, 160GB, Webcam , Win XPH

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Does it run Flash? the i-stuff doesn’t.

N270? 3cell? WinXP? Refurb? Shouldn’t this be cheaper?

Saw this coming…

Webcam 3MP? I think they meant 0.3MP.

This is about $90 less than a new one at BB

Got one love it…Extra bedroom computer even use it while evacuating my bowels


i turn on my woot lights i got from the bag of crap 2 months ago… and one of the light not working… i need a new bulb

I like eggs.

will this run Battlefield Bad Company 2?

yes, this does run flash

XP no thanks…

hmmm I live 45 minutes from the EBR-I interesting choice of pics, since this netbook is lacking in the same “tech” as our first nuclear reactor… maybe the screen shot was a profound choice…

Your doing that right now AREN’T you?

thank you for sharing, but that was too much information

If they had anything like this at this price when I was in college, I’d have… well, nevermind. Ultraportable and reasonably functional for under $200; what’s the problem?

Isn’t anyone in for 3? :slight_smile: