Asus EeePC 900 Netbook

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Refurbished Asus EeePC 900 Netbook, for $179.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Asus EeePC 900 Netbook 8.9" LCD 4GB SSD 512mb DDR2 802.11b/g

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Could’ve been funnier if it spelled AIEEEEE.

I’m still happy with the EeePC 700 I bought the other week.

Hmmmm… My wife has an Acer Aspire One which we dropped 350 on last August. This is a great price (I think) but do I really want just a 4GB SSD?

900A for $180

The Atom, same price, 3 month warranty, 1gb. Better. Bought it 2 weeks back.

Here are some good reviews from Buzzillions.

Can it run Linux?


The next model down was on Sellout a couple of weeks ago–some of the early reviews from people who received theirs don’t look encouraging:

Better get it while you can. Asus is discontinuing the 8.9" models. They’re going to start producing only 10" netbooks and specialized 7" for telco operators.

I just paid around $280 a few weeks ago for an Aspire One… 8gb SSD, 8gb SDHC, 1gb RAM. No buyer’s remorse here, though. I still like the layout and the features of the Aspire One quite a bit more, even if it’s a little bit bigger.

If this had been available at that time, though? I dunno… $100 is a big margin, regardless of its refurb status or differences in features.

I’m kind of glad it wasn’t available, actually. :wink:

EDIT: Oh… ohhhh… nevermind. It would help to read the description – Intel Mobile 900MHz. Yeah, I wouldn’t have jumped on this one anyways. Still would be a fun machine to have around, especially at this price.

I’m so tempted. But yeah, only a 4gig hard drive? :confused:

edit: after seeing what fallingmonkey3 pointed out, I think that I will have to pass.

I have an Eee 701. Much of the upsides and downsides from it stands:

  • Tiny!
  • Capable enough
  • Battery’s gauge is very vague
  • 4G seems to be enough for Linux and XP–if XP was customized for minimum footprint. Same goes for MS Office. Oh, and no MP3 collection of yours in this bad boy.
  • Tiny… keyboards.
  • NOT Atom-based, so it’ll be sloooow.
  • Cheap version, meaning no webcam for you.

With exception:

  • Finally, somewhat normal screen resolution.

I’m so annoyed by the description I can’t even make myself think about if I would actually purchase this or not…

Own a 900A (uses Atom processor, ubuntu) myself. Solid battery life, convenient size and weight; only 1 ram slot, but can take 2gb anyway. I use a 16 gb SCHC ($35ish) card for most programs; if you’re considering buying, keep in mind the small keyboard size and processor speed.

Not a bad deal, but the 901, with 1.6 GHz Atom is barely enough to handle basic operations. The 900 MHz CPU is almost painful to use, in my opinion. I guess if you’re going to stick with the basic Xandros OS, it’s not terrible, but personally, I’d pony up the extra few bucks and get the Atom CPU.

Most Linux-based installations will take up 2 to 3 GB of the SSD when you’re done. Ubuntu 8.10 takes approximately 2.2GB before adding other packages. Then you just get yourself a handy dandy NAS or simply use a network share from your desktop.

Ok, just did my homework. According to wikipedia the Eee PC 900 w/ the 4gb ssd is SOLDERED ON.

I think I’m going to pass.

Yeah…the 4gb ssd is a bit discouraging. I’m not sure how hard it is swap, but you can use the sd slot as extra storage if needed, Ubuntu should run just fine on this on the internal drive.

All I want is a laptop to surf the interweb. Will this be sufficient or is it really just one big hunk of crap?

This computer will be perfect for you.