Asus Essentio Six-Core Gaming Desktop

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Asus Essentio Six-Core Gaming Desktop
$579.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I’ve owned many asus products, ranging from monitors to laptops, and I have to say, their reliability is second to none. If you want a reliable powerhouse, look no further.

Does this play solitaire?

Well how good is this processor?

Can I play MineSweeper on it?

“Gaming Desktop” is a misnomer here. The AMD Radeon 5450 graphics card is puny for gaming at 1080p, they should have put at least a 5770 in it.

CNET reviews

2.5 editor’s rating, 3.5 user’s rating.

[STAFF: That’s a CG1330-05. This is a CB1330-07. Different Processor.]

lol at “gaming desktop” with a $34 graphics card thats worse than the newest intel integrated GPU in sandy bridge processors.

link to graphics card:


Ummm…no. The EAH5450 wouldn’t be considered a gaming card by any standards.

Change out the PSU and drop a better card in it then you may have a beast. Otherwise, at this price, it is very meh.

I’m not sure many games are optimized for 6-cores and the video card leaves something to be desired, I don’t think I’d recommend this for a true gaming system. But if you are really in the market for a gaming system, you probably know enough to build your own PC.

They wanted $657 for refurb on Amazon before they ran out. Or I guess they moved them here.

True. But this is also ~$400 off from the price listed there. Quick, large HD. Okay graphics card (don’t ask for much here…). But the processor is really a surpriser for me. Six cores at 2.7 MHz? Typically the clock speed takes a walloping when you start slamming more cores in there for the sake of cost - this ain’t that bad!

Also, one of their main complaints is online help. We don’t need no stinkin’ online help!

[Edit!] After the staff update to the reply, you’re actually getting even a better deal since the processor is (barely) better than the one linked.

10 high speed USB 2.0 ports. That really is a good thing: you can never have too many of those. No joke.

Can’t really call this a gaming desktop.

So maybe not for gaming, but what if you mostly need it for Paintshop Pro and Photoshop Elements - would this suffice?

review at

[STAFF: Link no workie]

You linked the wrong one - this is the 1 GB DDR3 version:

Still not that great of a card, but better than the one you linked.

Very good points. You’re probably better off with a fast quad-core processor. CoD: Black Ops uses multicore processing, but it does it horribly.

Everything else in it is fairly beefy, though. The 5450 will do for light gaming / HD video / etc, and folks that need more can upgrade to a 5770 or similar for around $120. My only question would be whether or not the included power supply can handle a high-end card. It’s 400W, which should be enough; are Asus’ pack-in PSUs generally solid?