ASUS G11CD Intel Core i5, GTX 970 Gaming Desktop

I purchased a very similar model earlier this year. Main difference being a gtx 960 video card instead of the 970. Although it had some large scratches (it was also a factory refurb) and the warranty sticker was broken (woot customer service absolutely “made it right” when I inquired), I absolutely love the computer. It’s a great rig for a casual gamer, runs very quiet, and is just upgradable enough to give you something to play with. Not THAT upgradable, though. One more stick of ram and a couple disk drives, maybe.

so when it says 2x DDR4 long DIMM slots under expansion, it means total, not empty?

Yes, 2 slots total.

i can’t find where it says what the ram configuration is. is it just 1 8Gb and what speed? so i can order upgrade at same time.

I’m not staff, but when it comes to refurbs, it could be either 1x8 or 2x4.

is this loaded with windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit? i am looking to run my golf simulator I am building and software recommends 64 bit. Thanks

I’m not staff, but since 32-bit is limited to addressing 4gb max, and this has 8gb, I would guess that this is loaded with the 64-bit version instead.

Correct. 64x

Can someone tell me why the Squaretrade warranty is much more for this computer than the other computers? They also offer 2-3 year warranties and this one is only one year.

The price of the SqTr warranty is based on the price of the computer.

For refurbished and factory reconditioned models, SqTr only offers 1 yr warranties. They do not sell these warranties direct to consumers so you have to buy it from an authorized reseller (like woot).

New computers will have a 2-3 year warranty offer.