ASUS GeForce 1050Ti OC 4GB Graphics Card

ASUS GeForce 1050Ti OC 4GB Graphics Card

Gotta get all the Gee-Bee’s & quite frankly my dear… this just doesn’t have enough Gee-Bee’s

Can this be installed with the fans facing down?

OMG this price is laughable. The list price of this card was $139. I don’t care about bitcoin miners, this is $10 above the original list price. Do not buy this overpriced card.

The card’s position is determined by the slot it goes into…in my Mac Pro, the fans are facing down. But you can’t change the position of the fans on the card,

A vital specification that’s missing (IMO), though still not worth it for me:

Memory Interface


Alright, my bad. Forgot this was an OC’d card, but still the list price was not $212. It was $177. So it’s discounted but not as much as they’re showing.

And that price is for the Strix, which this is not so probably even lower than $177

Absolutely not worth it at this price. If someone is considering getting this card and isn’t limited by their power supply, they are better off getting a Radeon RX 570 instead. If you look around, you can actually find 570s that are cheaper than this and will perform significantly better in games.

I’ve been considering reviving my old 2008 Vostro 220s. I do need a low-profile and PCIE powered gpu so this would be perfect in that respect. However, I’m not sure how good the performance of this 1050ti would be since I’m running LGA 755 chip (E7400) Core2Duo and I’m pretty sure DDR2 memory. I agree that $150 is a bit steep, but yeah, if you absolutely need exactly what this is offering, it might be worth it.

Let it go. The Vostro was never a good machine. An Optiplex i7? OK, I get that. Core 2 Duo Vostro? This card is priced at twice what that machine is worth.

About 6-ish years ago we bought an ASUS PC, and I thought ASUS was just the model name or something. I didn’t realize that was the name of the PC maker! Ha ha.

The fun never stops on Woot.