Asus MeMO Pad 10.1" Full-HD 16GB Tablet

Asus MeMO Pad 10.1" Full-HD 16GB Tablet


microSD Card Slot (up to 64GB, card not included)
1 x Micro SD Card Reader (Support to 32GB)

But which one is it?! Luckily Asus’s support site has the correct info:

1 x Micro SD Card Reader (Support to 64GB)

Additionally, while it has a supported OS of 4.2.2, I’ve some some unofficial roms that can get it to 6.0+ on XDA. Cannot confirm stability as many of the threads do not have activity for almost a year.

EDIT: Found a 9.0.0 ROM here!

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Can anyone recommend a case for this tablet? Thanks!

I’ve been looking for a cheap 10" tablet for reading Manga\Comics and am considering this. If you search Amazon for the model specified, ME302KL, you’ll find cases for it.

EDIT: I tried to provide a link but woot removed the string after the URL making it impossible. Guess they don’t want you linking directly to Amazon? But, it’s owned by Amazon…


Thanks for the reply. Yep, I’ve been looking around on Amazon for one and they are kinda all over the place with whether or not the cases / covers actual fit this model. Either way, I’ll keep looking around. Thanks again!

Hi there. On Amazon links, only the referral and tracking info is removed from the links. :slight_smile:

It also removed the search string. I had performed a search and attempted to share the results. It changed from


Hmmm. I’ll look into it.

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Can someone confirm the model number? ME302KL is the LTE model and ME302C is the Wifi only. I do not see LTE listed in the specifications. Additionally, ME302C is an Intel Atom and there are no custom roms for that model!

The one I got a few days ago (from the previous Woot sale) has printed on the back K005(ME302KL)16GB - SKU No: 6137A. And says “No SIM” on the splash screen – which I assume means that it is an LTE model?

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Perfect! That means I should be able to load the Android Pie Rom I linked above! I should be getting one soon myself too

This order will be my second one. The first one is sitting on my desk with a smashed screen :frowning:

Note this thing is big / fairly heavy / and VERY slippery. It lasted 24 hours before “another household member” forgot was it in their lap when they got up from the couch and well… the results are sitting on my desk.

Thus the previous question about a case / cover for the replacement…

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Since Amazon took over WOOT, they have controlled the conversation, I posted a chat about this product and no longer see it.


I got one it arrived BROKEN, CRACKED CORNER with CRACKED SCREEN. NOTHING fixed about it.

Are you talking about this post?

Things happen. Have you contacted Woot Support about the issue? Complaining on the forums is fine and all, but when it comes to actual issues, Support is who will take care of you.


This is second time Woot has listed this tablet for sale this month. Your first post is still in that original listing that closed a week or so ago.


Already received the first one I ordered. I installed Lineage OS 15.1 (Android 8.1) as it is stable. I’ve been very happy with my purchase and have ordered one for the wife!

It’s a nice little tablet, BUT it is fully locked to ATT. ATT will not give you the unlock code and Asus says they won’t either. Someone is lying, because fully unlocked ones are on sale at ebay for only $10 more. If you want to use the LTE on the tablet, buy the ones on ebay.

I also had the tablet totally crash twice on me when I trying to use an ATT sims card in the tablet. Going to discuss with ATT

It is the locked ATT LTE tablet with a sims card reader.

Hi there. These were advertised as Wi-Fi only (not LTE). So happy surprise?

I was able to unlock mine using the AT&T website. It is literally against regulations for them not to unlock it. Out of curiosity, what reason did they give you when you called?