Asus MeMO Pad 7 16GB Android Tablet

This tablet is a nice size and look. I bought one previously. Sadly it died and cannot be recovered. It lasted less than a year…

I have a Memo Pad HD7 which is still 1280x800, but it came out when the plain Memo Pad 7 was 1024x600. The processor in mine was a Mediatek MT8125. Now they only have 1 model named the Memo Pad 7 and it has a 1280x800 resolution with an Intel Atom Z3745 (which is better then the mediatek processor).

I hadn’t used the tablet in quite awhile, and I went to charge it and found that it would not take a charge. I tried messing with all the buttons to no avail. Finally after researching it a bit, I hooked the USB up to a computer (instead of the charger) waited a few minutes and suddenly it started charging. Sometimes when the lithium batteries are completely discharged, the only way to get them back is a slow trickle charge that comes out of a computer. Once it’s charged up, you can go back to charging it the regular way- just try not to deplete the battery completely. I’m not exactly sure why it works, but I thought I’d offer it as an option if you still have your other tablet.