Asus MeMO Pad 7 8GB Android Tablet

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Asus MeMO Pad 7 8GB Android Tablet
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, May 15 to Wednesday, May 20) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

Is this like… the third different MeMo tablet for sale here currently? (Two in 2 different sections of the side sales.) lol

This is the earliest MeMO pad 7! With mono speaker, poorest resolution and dual-core, where the ones you’re probably seeing reviews of are newer builds with all that improved.

It’s still a good buy at $50 for a “task pad”, but beware it’s not as hot as what you may be seeing reviews of.

Reviews over at Newegg

Does anyone know if there is an android update for this? Specs say it comes with 4.3.

Got one of these a few months ago for one of my kids in college. She uses it mostly as a reader so she doesn’t have to lug her laptop around. Got a pink one. She loves it and has even allowed me (lol) to added a memory card that holds lots of movies, etc… Now she has about 3 sets of cards… go figure…

My ONLY complant is when it showed up, it looked like the packing crew used it as a hockey puck. It wasn’t just scratched up but looked like someone tried to bounce it off a concret floor like a frisbie. Even the rear leans had a scratch on it. So, lessons learned DO NOT EVER buy a “factory reconditioned” pc, or electronic device from woot unless you have the lowest of low expectations on how it will look when it arrives.

Bad experience for sure, however YMMV. I purchased the factory refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 a couple months ago on Woot!. Arrived in pristine condition, looked brand new. Very happy with purchase.

I’m sure there are good and bad, as I said YMMV based on item/brand etc.

looks like you can root this. although im not sure what sort of roms are out there for it…

I got one of these for Christmas last year, and I love it. I use it for games, Netflix, and as a reader, too.

The only issue I’ve had is that I dropped it off my nightstand at one point, and in the morning it wouldn’t turn on. I figured out that there was an issue with the battery - when I plugged it in, it would flash the battery symbol and an exclamation point. Turns out, the internal cable connecting the battery to the board came unplugged. It was less than 5 minutes to open it up and reconnect the cable.

My daughter wants an iPad. I’ve convinced her she really wants one of these. :wink:

ETA: Current Android version for these is 4.4.2, updated on January 25. No idea if it will be updated further, but I hope so.

I purchased one of these during a Cyber Monday sale. Was great for the price with rebates…$40. So this is right there on price. This Tablet is quick and nimble. Easy to add apps.
I did have an issue that MOST folks would send back to factory.
ISSUE: I dropped it…only about a foot from floor. But that was enough for it to be completely dead. Nothing.

SOLUTION: I gently…pried it open and found a VERY poor battery design. The lithium battery literally dangles by the plug with nothing keeping it in place. So it had simply unplugged from the board So…I plugged battery back in. Cut piece of cardboard into U shape around battery. Snap back together. Never have that issue again!

FYI…i just snagged 2 of these. SO GREAT for this price!

Yes, one bad experience is a great reason to never do something again. Ever.

I have 2 of these for my kids (7, 5, 3, and 2). They work great. This is the 3rd generation MeMO pad. The performance on these are good. They play all the games I have for my kids without lag. The battery life on these are great. Lasts 5-6 hours with constant use from games/videos/etc (tested on a couple of road trips). They are pretty durable. I have my 2 tablets in a $10 folio case from amazon and we haven’t had any problems even though the tablets have been dropped numerous times.

Currently, the tablets have been updated to KitKat 4.4.2.

I’m going to buy another one for the road trip we’re taking in a few weeks.

How about the brand new ASUS MeMO Pad HD 8 w/16 GB which is listed here on side deals for 69.98 + tax. I happen to like the color pink so I grabbed it from “gamest*p”.

Beg to differ, the first release of these had ARM Cortex CPUs. There are a lot of versions of the Memo Pad, some with ARM, some with Intel, and scant information on release dates, so I wouldn’t begin to tell you where this falls. According to the spec sheet, this does have stereo speakers and screen resolution is 1024x600.

It’s running Android 4.3 and you can upgrade to 4.4. At least it supports trim for the nand memory, so it shouldn’t get derpy during a day of use. SD card slot, up to 64GB is a plus, and 1GB of RAM, so again, not a powerhouse, but should do most things well.

For another $25 (since free shipping) you can have a much better tablet:

Acer Iconia Tab Tablet with 16GB Memory 8" | A1-840-131U

bigger screen, better resolution, better processor quad core , twice the storage capacity, better cameras on both front and back. In addition, you also have 14 day money back option.

Do u think my new Memo8 is still a better deal than this Iconia refurb? I do.

That’s a nice deal you found! The only drawback is that it’s pink (which might be fine for some). I’m assuming it’s new, because I can’t find anything that says its refurbished or used, which makes it a pretty amazing deal for the price. It’s pretty similar to the Acer I linked to in specs. The Asus memo8 has an ips screen which is better, and it’s new. If you can live with Pink, it’s definitely the better tablet. Good Find!