Asus Nexus Player 8GB - Black

Asus Nexus Player 8GB - Black

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Asus Nexus Player 8GB - Black
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According to XDA and various other sources, these are getting killed by the Oreo update.

If you get one of these, you should probably root it and disable updates as soon as you can.

Search for “root nexus player” and follow the directions carefully.


100% agree. Mine and a friend of mine both bricked with no solution in sight. I don’t know how they can still sell these when they are all getting bricked.


Will these work with apple iPhone?

I came here to ask if this was really 4 year old technology, and if i was going to be left disappointed. The comments suggest I will be. Bummer.

For a second, I thought Roku trimmed some corners. I was wrong.

I have two of these players and they are in fact being bricked by the oreo update. Google is not supporting them any more, so you will have no support. Do a google search before you purchase this player. Buyer beware!


I have one - got it on clearance at Best Buy a few years ago for $40 or so. It has not been bricked by an update yet. I thought Oreo was pushed a year or so ago - is there a new update bricking it?

I did play some games on it for a while, NBA Jam for $3 or so is nostalgic fun. A lot of games that you might have bought for your phone will work on this with a gamepad. The official gamepad can be found on eBay for fairly cheap, but generic bluetooth controllers should work with it.

Lately Netflix has been sputtering or just stopping itself on occasion for me, but Hulu is working ok. Of course there is no Amazon Instant Video app for this - but there is Google Play support, so you can get to most movies you’ve purchased, if you have a Movies Anywhere account linked to both services.

Confirmed this will not be updated in March 2018.

Also, if you look at the Wikipedia entry, there are apparently already support issues.

Shocked to see this here. I own one and was furious that it was bricked a few months ago. Shame on Google and ASUS for this.

Hi all. We talked with our vendor about the Oreo issue y’all mentioned. He said that it seems like it was fixed with the official release.

He hasn’t seen the error or gotten any complaints on the thousands they’ve sold.

Downgrade and lock it to Nougat 7.1.2 and it is still a very serviceable Android TV box at this price as long as 4k isn’t a requirement. Remains pretty snappy as well on Nougat despite only 1GB ram.

Very straightforward instructions on this process are over on XDA:

I’ve got a much older one that has been in use since about mid-2015 and a newer one I got about a month ago. Both are running great once locked down on Nougat.

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Bought 2 of these on Target clearance for about $25 each a few years ago.

I liked them, but ran into 2 issues that make me want to buy a shield or miibox:
1.On Android 7 (lollipop) there was an issue where the remote would go into DEEP sleep and take some monkeying with to wake up.
2. On Android 8 Oreo (official) there is a known issue with wifi where it will crap out randomly. I think it effects 5ghz more than 2.4ghz but all the same I seldom make it through an entire movie on plex without having to pause when I see a “wifi not connected” notification.

My 2nd unit that is mostly used by a kid for youtube netflix, seems to not have the wifi issue or at least they don’t notice it (maybe netflix , youtube has larger buffer)

The 1 gig is limiting for kodi and gaming but some simple games for little kids work fine with a bt controller (i have the official asus one)

I may try the “downgrade and lock to 7.1.2.” to see if I get a box that doesn’t make me swear every night.

Will this let me cast to it like a Chromecast would? Any incompatibilities with a phone running Android Pie?

Yes and no. Chromecasting ability is included with Android TV by default. No, there’s no incompatibilities with phones from any Android version.