Asus On The Loose

system in question is the all-in-one (AiO), inquery was valid.

Hi - you said you have this tablet, right? Is the actual touchscreen supposed to be 10.1"? Because I ordered one the last time around and my screen is only 8.5".

Just received the Asus Intel Dual-Core. Nice laptop - the touchpad especially feels very nice.

There is a single sheet of paper included that says the laptop has been wiped, including the recovery partition. It notes that I cannot make recovery DVDs with the Asus utility, but there is a PDF on the desktop with instructions.

Only problem is, this PDF is not on the desktop…

Also, My Computer shows two partitions: C drive (“OS”) with 125gb, and D drive (“Data”) with 148gb.

Any ideas what’s going on?

I purchased an ASUS ET2410IUTS-05 All-In-One PC. Fast ship, but the keyboard and mouse that came with the unit were DOA. I called customer service and we were able to get the PC itself up using another keyboard and mouse that I have around. But can imagine the guy that doesn’t?!? And the guy didn’t want to stay on the line with me past the initial set up while I did the various updates. Other than that, so far so good. Great picture quality. Mom is happy, and if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

After further investigation, it looks like a bunch of the drivers aren’t installed… the graphics are all wonky and device manager shows unknown drivers for the ethernet port, WiFi, USB, and many others…

Mine has some serious issues too, I’ve emailed Woot support, I’m confident that they will make things right.

Stupid question, but you made sure that the dongle was inserted, and you held the sync button down for 5 seconds to connect the mouse/keyboard, correct?

Thanks for letting us know you’ve mailed in! We hope your issue will be resolved soon. :slight_smile:

My Asus X54C-BBK13 laptop just showed up at my door and when I unpacked it there was no battery! I recommended this sale to 2 of my friends I sure hope their units are okay. I don’t want egg on my face. I’m not liking the whole erased recovery partition either. Why couldn’t the refurb team just run the recovery program to bring it back to factory spec. That little tidbit should have been listed in the specs no?

My recovery partition wasn’t wiped as stated on that paper… nor was a pdf waiting for me on the desktop with instructions.

Out of curiosity, what does the label on the underside of your laptop say? Mine says the model is “K54C” - not X54C…

My Sticker says Model : K54C-5KSX with the same MB ver Check # 5680


Same situation: 2 partitions, no PDF, and the K54C model #. I’m not sure if any of that has a material impact. Also, the screen and image quality is pretty crappy. Do I just need to suck it up or perhaps a driver update may help? I tried to update the driver but it said I had the most current. Not that I should expect the best of anything in a $285 laptop, but by 2012 I thought we’ve figured out how to have crisp screen quality on all devices.

This thread is 4 years old, and no one will read this message, but…

My AiO is still going strong in our kitchen. Between email, shopping, finance, kids homework, and the TV card (Win Media Center software and remote control), it has probably been used on average 6 hours a day, approaching 10,000 hours. The cost per hour for this computer (not including electricity): about 6 cents. Not a bad woot.

BTW, part of this computers longevity is due to my constant OS refreshes. I intentionally kept mine at Windows 7. I restore a drive image every year, and let it install updates (OS, Java, Adobe, MS Office, etc.) and then I create a new image to be restored the following year. All of our docs are stored on a user partition that is backed up over the network, though in the past few years, cloud storage has really gained momentum (drive, photos).

WOW! Nice to hear! Go Asus go!