Asus PadFone-X Mini 4.5" Smartphone + 7" Tablet

Would this work on T-Mobile?

Is the phone unlocked?

It doesn’t look like it. Check out the Features for compatible networks.

SPECS ARE WRONG!! This phone does have the 1.6 ghz processor, but it only has 1 Gb RAM and 8 GB internal storage. I bought one last go round, and discovered it first hand. I notified Woot, but they haven’t done anything, looks like.

Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.

The specs say at&t. Can it work on cricket – an att company… ?

And will it work on china telecom or china Unicom or china mobile?

If I remember correctly, you have to contact AT&T to unlock your device. It’s a free service, but it takes 4-5 days to make its way through the red tape., then fill out the information and wait. It took AT&T 5 days to unlock mine.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

I did this, and AT&T refused to unlock mine. They said that the device is out of support from the manufacturer, so they cannot supply an unlock code…???

Do I have an expensive brick? Any advice?

Jeez, sorry. If you haven’t, please email your order info and issue, CS can check into your account and available options.