ASUS PN62S Mini PC Barebone

ASUS PN62S Mini PC Barebone

Intel processor specs

6-core 12 thread mobile low-power released late 2019.
Note it is still 14nm.

This being a barebones means it will need RAM, SSD, and software.

In my opinion this is not a good deal for this especially being a barebones model making this closer to a $650 machine, at that price point your Throwing away your money. If you already have all the other components needed and for some reason have to order this it will be a handle all basic home and office work, including basic photo and film editing. For gaming this should be great as a emulation rig running everything up through the ps3 (I don’t actually have on hand experience with this excact cpu, so if interested in this use to your due diligence and remember internet nerds are always biased in ways that typically make no sense, looking at you Radeon/Amd haters still mad at the fm2+/am3 chips and Radeon gpu’s still spewing hate into every Amd product release, sorry for the ramble!).

These niche mini-pc’s come complete (plug and play) or like this Asus, Barebone. Meaning it requires other core components to work.
I think all this machine needs is Storage/ Memory and Operating System. For storage a nvme Samsung 970 Evo Plus 512gb is $40 the 1tb is $70 bought through BB’s geek squad refurbished. Memory up next and the minimum you’ll need to run windows decently is 8gb, I wouldn’t do that though Since a decent 2x8gb kit of laptop ram is roughly $50. If this is gonna be a production machine go for a 2x16gb for $100 or a 2x32gb kit for $150ish. Once you buy those parts get a 8gb thumb drive and download windows 10 off Microsoft’s website for free, don’t spend $100-$200 on there single key kits, there a giant rip off.

In conclusion, I simply want to say, don’t waste your money on this thing. There are some Amazingly powerful complete systems off Amazon for well under this things price. My two recommendations below, the first is for a great everyday experience for both light 1080p gaming and common office work/photoshop etc
The Beelink SER4 8core/8Thread Ryzen 7 4700u,16gb of ram and a 500gb nvme drive for $400.

Then if you can afford this Asus, then look into both this hx90 for production and professional use and the EliteMini for a small gaming beast, both are absolute price to performance monsters!
The MINISFORUM EliteMini HX90 model that comes with the 512gb nvme drive and 16gb of Ram.
It’s running a Ryzen 9 5900hx 8c/16t beast of a
cpu. This is a actual desktop replacement imo and can br had for $680 after coupon…

Comes with a full size graphics card bracket and adapter to throw a gpu into when your wanting to run AAA games…
MinisForum EliteMini B550 with a Desktop Ryzen 7 5700g apu (8c/16t) 16gb ram 512gb nvme model is $120 off making it around $660.


Are you sure abut the slot for a graphics adapter? I could not find it on their web site, and I do not think my RTX 4090 would fit , but may be missing something there…

From ASUS store on amazon this product is $369 and no mention of refurb so I assume it is new.

Yep, price dropped yesterday. I just ended ours.