ASUS ProArt Display Mini LED Monitor

ASUS ProArt Display Mini LED Monitor

The email promo: “Random Monitors” $90-3,500. I guess that qualifies.

Here to watch how many of the $3,500 variety the Woot community snags… oh wait, unlike the newer site founded by Woot’s founder, Woot doesn’t report actual sales counts.

This seems like a great deal for someone in the market for this exact monitor.

Didn’t the original owner of Woot sell to Amazon?


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Breakfast octopus.

So why are you mad at Woot and praising the guy who sold out? The old Woot doesn’t exist anymore bc of him.

It is like blaming the gf of your cheating spouse - she isn’t the one who made them cheat.

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Is this Woot code for something that I don’t have a clue about?

We were still old Woot when we stopped showing the number sold so Snapster was still in charge. It was done because some of our vendors didn’t want those numbers made public.

Thank you.

$110 million for a company 6 or so years old - not bad, at all!

People say I miss the Old Woot, but really the current Woot has been around almost 2x as long as the Old Woot and Rutledge made out like a bandit. I suppose not having been a part of the Old Woot, I don’t have anything to compare it to.

Rutledge had no issue with selling Woot to Bezos and buying a 7 acre property with a lake. He made the decision for Woot to take a corporate identity …

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Huh? Who’s “mad”? I celebrate @Snapster for doing the American thing - success! And for many, many years he got my monthly VMP payment over at

But he now shows sales counts at meh.


Most of their offerings are their own inventory, so vendors might not have much of a voice in that.

There are times in which items are vendor fulfilled, though. Not so strangely, those tend to arrive faster. :laughing:

Thank you for that.