ASUS ROG 17.3" Full-HD i7 GTX980M Gaming Laptop

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ASUS ROG 17.3" Full-HD i7 GTX980M Gaming Laptop
Price: $1549.99
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Condition: New


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I have an earlier version of this that is about 4 yrs old. It runs as good as the day I got it, never had an issue. The only downside is the weight. It is a tank, not something you want to lug through airports a lot (but I did anyway). Mine was too large for a standard 17" laptop bag so I had to get a little larger Everki bag. Could be an issue for this too.

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I should start with I hate the idea of a gaming laptop. They will usually run very hot, while being 350 to 500 more expensive than a desktop.

Here is my major issue. It’s 50 bucks less than Newegg. While Newegg has went downhill, Woot’s returns are a ton worse.

While I do not own this model, (I have the 15" GL552) I cannot recommend this based on the experience I have had with ASUS service. Let me say I have owned multiple laptops from ASUS and never had an issue. The problem comes when you do have an issue they are terrible. My laptop is in transit to them as I write this. This is the third time since late October. Overheating, no internal video. I have sent detailed notes to them including testing logs (I am a retired IT tech) that they just seem to ignore. Never again.

I have to disagree. I’ve never had an issue with the 2 items I’ve had to return in the past 6 months. As far as new egg, they are just an online Fry’s, which is nothing more but a re branded circuit city. I get stuff from New Egg all the time and have YET to have an issue. Now, watch the next thing I order will be a nightmare.

As far as gaming laptops, over rated. I got my kid a HP Oman for college. Cost about the same as this then got the 3 year everything-is-covered warranty and service. Sure, it’s loaded but a workstation laptop would have been just as good and cheaper. Personally, gaming rigs belong in big cases with water coolers, lots of fans and the ability to pop the hood every once in awhile. like mine LOL.

This is an older graphics card and older system specs. My son got an MSI gaming laptop with a NVidia 1070 graphics card for less that this at Christmas time. If you are getting a gaming laptop you want the latest graphics card, you won’t be able to upgrade it down the road. MicroCenter has the MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro-087 15.6" Gaming Laptop for $1400 now.

There’s a reason for that though–MSI are notoriously crappy build quality with cheaply sourced parts…yes the graphics card may be great, but my brother has had two and they’ve both had failures of other components like the screen, backlighting, and wifi cards. I owned a similar ASUS and got 4 years out of it and it’s still kicking–sold it to a friend who wiped it and put Win 10 on it. MSI support and ASUS support are equally atrocious, but ASUS has a great online ROG forum that has senior US Asus staff that can help resolve issues experienced…can’t say the same for MSI

I just bought this to do some video editing. I’m hoping it will do the job. I will not editing 4k, just 1080p and standard video, so this should have the power I need for that and the hard drive space. I’ll post later as to how well it performs. I was looking at comparable macs, but they are way more expensive than this machine. Time will tell concerning reliability of getting done what I need this machine to do. I’m upgrading from a 2007 17" Dell that still runs Vista operating system, so it goes without saying that this will be a better machine than the one I have now. Though my old Dell laptop was built like a tank and still runs just fine (knock on wood).

I’m well over 30 and definitely not a gamer. Sometimes I end up with these gaming machines just to get better specs for the stuff I do use a computer for, which is not limited to facebook and email. I appreciate and sometimes need the benefits of a faster processor, more and faster RAM, much better video performance, a higher quality display, and so on.
Anyway I have an ASUS G752VL Special Edition, whatever that was. The specs are nearly identical to this VY. The only difference I see is that mine has 24GB of RAM instead of 32. One mod I have made is to add a second SSD in the open M.2 slot. The RAID0 configuration they discuss is actually a really bad idea which I don’t recommend. Here’s a very basic upgrade page with limited information, but that’s about all you will get from ASUS:

Anyway the G752 was the wow computer from ASUS a year ago. A year is a long time in computers, and ASUS has moved on. So now this is a leftover. It’s still an awesome computer that performs better than most desktops and it still has a pretty big wow factor with the gamer crowd. But it is really big and really heavy.
My computer works fine and I have had no problems with it, and I don’t expect any. But I also don’t expect much support from ASUS. They are a huge Taiwan company and customers from the USA have to get in line and wait their turn, just like everyone else. No special treatment. If you want good customer service, get an MSI.

Congratulations on your purchase! You chose a great machine and you will be in a totally new world of performance compared to your 10 year old Dell. Unless you have been using Windows 10 on other machines, there will be a learning curve.
Based on my experience with my machine, this computer will handle your video editing without breaking a sweat. As for storage, video eats up storage like crazy, and you will want one or more external HDDs. This ASUS has four USB3 ports and one USB3.1 port. I haven’t looked into the Thunderbolt port but I guess it’s pretty fast.
On adding a second SSD, I went with a Samsung 950 PRO 256GB NVMe. Now you can get larger sizes and the 960, but you have to confirm on a case by case basis if the SSD will work or not on your motherboard. Good luck with your awesome new computer!

I would dissuade people from purchasing this model if you are actually going to be gaming on it. The nVidia GTX 1060 models can be had for this price or less and are lighter, less hot, use a ton less power. The GPU 1060 will outperform the 980m at gaming as well.

My unsolicited 2 cents.

I’d like to second this. The GTX 1060 marginally outperforms the 980m, generally consumes less power and generates less heat. You can fine a ton of laptops from various manufacturers with GTX 1060s. I’m typing this on my MSI GE52VR that I recently bought for $1100.

Just as an example, you can buy this right now from Best Buy for $1350 and it even has G-Sync.

Will add to all the other comments, last generation video card kills this deal. 1060m blows this away and can be found cheaper. This laptop should be around 800-900$ range.

I received HP OMEN 17-W151NR from my last woot a week ago (fast shipping!). I think it’s still being sold under sellout woot. It’s refurbished, but has better spec than this one: 17.3" 4K Ultra-HD IPS Display, Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-Core 2.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB, 512GB PCIe Samsung NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive, 16GB DDR4, 802.11ac.

So far, I’m playing most games in their max detail settings. GTA5 natively up the scale to 4k with max setting, and I think I’m getting around 40-60 frame/sec. The laptop came with 3 months warranty, but you can extend to 3 more year for another $250, including accidental damage coverage.

Samsung PCI m.2 is fast…