Asus Tablets & Laptops

Asus X401ARF-BCL0705Y Seems way too high of a price, for only $15 more factoring in shipping you can get the newer model of this from Amazon which has a bigger hard drive and a faster processor. Link

We got the 10" Transformer win8.1 tablet from woot a couple monts back. Works great, love it!!

BUT it didn’t come with the activation code for MS Office, and woot never answered an email about that.

I purchased the Transformer the last go around, love it. If you were a fan of the Eee 1000 series, or netbooks in general, this is the replacement you have been looking for.

Does the netbook act like a normal laptop, just with less power?

Like all websites will react the same?

It is a “normal” laptop in that it runs Windows 8, so websites are normal. Battery life seems to be pretty good so far.

My Memopad died 80 days into the 90 day warranty and is being repaired/replaced.

I really like it, but a Square Trade policy may have been a smart move.