Asus Transformer 10" 32GB Laptop/Tablet

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Asus Transformer 10" 32GB Laptop/Tablet
Price: $144.99
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Is this a good replacement for a chromebook?

I think it could be for sure. Mind you, it’s a full on PC, so it’s a bit different, but it has what you need and more. Plus, you can use it as a tablet!

It is if you consider 32-bit Windows 8.1 a good replacement for ChromeOS. Apples and Oranges.

Had one of these before. The only real problem with it is the battery is not replaceable and is not fully secured within the unit. My daughter dropped it and knocked the batter loose. When I took it apart to reconnect (patter is held in place by two sided tape.) sure enough. that was the problem, but soon after, she broke the screen. It’s a little more fragile than most.

Any Asus product is a mustn’t-buy for me. I had their android convertible tablet and I didn’t like it much. The asus OS was a power hog, and there was a criminally small amount of RAM.

Eventually I upgraded to a “better” asus transformer tablet. The hinge was DoA. No problem, right? Except nobody at Asus customer service speaks English, and their warranty starts at the date of MANUFACTURE. There may not be any warranty on these products, not even brand new ones.

Also it’s Windows, so I wouldn’t buy this anyway. But overall, build quality and customer service are both in the toilet when it comes to asus. avoid.

I have had similar issues with Asus Tablets with keyboards. The hinge stops working, the clips that hold the keyboard and tablet together stop holding, and in my most recent one (700T) the screen has to be taken off every few weeks and the connections retaped or it has a phantom tap issue.