Asus Transformer 10" 32GB Laptop/Tablet

I had the 64 GB version of this device. It was light and convenient to travel with. Having a removable keyboard makes it a sort of cheap version of the Surface Book. However, form factor aside, the two devices could not be more different. The Surface Book is a real computer for real work. At best, the Asus Transformer is a secondary device for lighter duty work. It can feel very slow and unresponsive when multitasking. At this price, it is a great secondary Windows device. But don’t expect it to be your only PC unless your needs are very minimal.

Mine had a full set of MS Office free for one year coupon.

$109 at newegg free shipping available. Sorry woot. Can’t win them all

[MOD: That’s refurbished with a 90-day warranty. Our is NEW with a 1-year warranty. FTW.]

New, they still go for $249.99. Atleast adjust the “new” price so it accurately shows the actual savings people are getting. 46% off rather than 55%.

Gotta be fare :).

Still a good deal :slight_smile:

I was sent the 18gb model for some reason. I’ve sent an email response but I’m trying to get the quickest response please.

nevermind I cant math right now

Hey there! Customer Service can sometimes take up to 48 hours to reply. If you haven’t heard back from them by tomorrow send me a private message with your order details and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy Wooting!

Two questions. What kind of cable does this charge with? My two tablets are now paperweights because they charged through their micro USB and lasted about a year each before the connection tanked and they can’t be charged anymore. Does this use the same, or a prong type like a laptop? Can’t tell by the pics.

And can I transfer the Office Suite from my tablet to this? My storage is Cloud storage for files and sharing, so all my files are still intact, just can’t get to them right now. Ive transferred programs from laptop to laptop in the past, but haven’t tried to move the one that came with my tablet…

My only concern is the 1GB LPDDR3 memory. I see others with 2GB.

Anyone else have a problem with the wifi not being recognized?

(I’m going to try updating the drivers by usb drive later this weekend, but currently Windows isn’t giving me the option of a wifi connection.)