Asus Transformer 10" 32GB Laptop/Tablet

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Asus Transformer 10" 32GB Laptop/Tablet
Price: $139.99
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I don’t know what version of the BIOS this comes with, but you need the latest version to support Continuum in Windows 10.

I think you should be able to get it here:

I have one and put Windows 10 on it, then the BIOS that became available later, and it works great. I think you’ll need version 209 or later and the W10 ATK driver.

So after reading the specs on this versus the specs on mine, I am sorry to say I was incorrect about this tablet. Mine was the better version of this that featured 64GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, plus the USB 3.0 port. This one is not that at all and I would not buy it since Windows is forcing users to have 2GB of RAM minimum now.

Does this have a built in GPS? I have an earlier version that does not.

Would this be a good Minecraft machine?

32GB storage is painful, and neither the 1GB RAM nor the 32GB eMMC storage can be upgraded, though you can add a microSDXC.

If anyone is interested in putting linux on this, here’s a walkthrough for Ubuntu:

So… i am not sure if this is a reply to the Minecraft machine question? I am thinking these numbers mean that this would not be powerful enough. Thank you so much for posting!

I really wish we could get these or surfaces at work. Instead we have 10lbs monsters (which we special order with old hardware because IT is so change adverse)

This looks like a good deal but what concerns me is that 1gb of ram. That seems awfully low for a device that should be able to run multiple things at a time. Any users with this model have any input into the speed here?

I can tell you from my experience with it that it handles multiple tasks pretty well (web browsing, document editing, music playing). I would not think it would be a good gaming tablet or even good for editing high quality images or video, but for basic computing it rocks!

Depending on the video settings you use during the game, I would imagine this can handle Minecraft…now World of Warcraft would be a different story.

No, it does not. I does network based location.

Does this come with keyboard. Looking to use with Kahn Academy for my son.

Yes. It has a removable keyboard attached and the video looks like it would support Kahn Academy.

Thank You

The specs for WIN Anniversary Edition just came out and Microsoft is bumping the minimum RAM req for 32 bit Win to 2 GB, so these guys won’t make it.

I’m confused as to what the microSD card can be used to supplement? I’m assuming the 32GB hard drive/ROM/internal storage, and not the 1 GB RAM? I’m asking since the version of Office I would install requires 2GB RAM. About the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger.

Ok, it’s $10 more with FS at the great internet retailer named after a river.

BUT, check out the reviews…more than 1/3 think it’s junk.

Holy Cow what’s happened to Woot???