Does this item come with a keyboard or pen?

Keyboard yes. Pen no.

I’ve owned the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro/512gb for a couple of months, and…

  1. It’s extremely powerful and capable from a performance perspective.

  2. The display is very nice, sharp, and responsive.

  3. The build-quality is impeccable.

  4. The Battery Life is the Worst I’ve Ever Experienced on a Modern Day/Top-Tier Computer - 3 Hours at Best.

I still use it, but almost always while plugged-in, which kind of defeats the purpose of a 2-in-1.

Damn, I was looking for one of these a few months back and they were no where to be found in the US.

Could find them in Canada and UK but not the 16GB i7 version.

Ended up going with a Surface Pro.

If I where not out of my return window I’d send the Surface back and grab two of these.

Is this the model T303UA or T304UA tablet? The pictures show the T304 but the description seems to be for the T303.

Good catch! We fixed the pictures on the sale to reflect the T303UA model.