ASUS Transformer Book 10.1" 1.33GHz Tablet

If anything goes wrong or seems amiss with the tablet within the first 21 days return it to Woot. I tried to use the warranty program through ASUS and I’ve had to send the tablet back to them 2 times in an effort to fix the the windows home key. And it looks like I will be sending it a third time.

Unfortunately by the time I got it back the first time it was past 21 days and Woot will do nothing for me so I’ve been in warranty hell.

How about upgrade to Windows 10?

So frustrated with Woot …
I bought this tablet from Woot a couple weeks ago only to find out that it did NOT have 2GB of installed memory as the description states. It only had 1GB of memory.
When I informed Woot of the mistake, they said that did not have any replacement units that they could send me, so my only offer was a $15 refund.
Yet … This exact item is still for sale on weeks later.
No replacement units, huh?

Sorry for the problems. We do not maintain inventory like many retailers. We purchase to sell out and then purchase again. I’m sorry for the problems with your tablet.

So, now that you have them, why not send a replacement with the correct specs to a loyal customer and long time Woot advocate??

Sorry. You would have to return the one you have first. We can refund you and then you can purchase again.