Asus Transformer Book 10.1" 2-in-1 Laptops

I’m looking at the T100TA-H1 and notice if I buy it new from the mother ship it is $80 more, but I get Office 365 for a year, a $70 value. Does anyone know if any of the refurbs come with office? Otherwise, this is only a $10 savings to buy a refurb over new. Factor in free Prime shipping over $5 Woot shipping, and it’s a $5 savings. Not much of a deal unless Office is included.

I bought a refurb ASUS from WOOT and it broke at 91 days. The customer service told me too bad so remember to factor in the 1 year warranty

I bought the $299 version from Costco. It included Office Student and Home…not 365…but still, too bad, the computer broke after 2 weeks…screen scramble and freeze…even during the restore…BUT, Costco has a 2 year warranty on their computer products, so there’s a little more comfort there.

Are you sure the more expensive Asus T100TA-H1 has the Z3775 CPU and not actually the Z3740 discussed in most reviews? Thnx.

The one for $80 more on the mother ship is the same model with the same chip and the same 500gb drive, but also includes Office 365. When I read the descriptions side by side the only difference is the Office. Thus why I’m asking to see if anyone knows if the refurbs come with Office. Has anyone bought a refurb from Woot that knows?

These are genuinely, and truly absolute crap. I bought a reconditioned one here from Woot. The keyboard never quite sits right, and is constantly making some annoying noise that it’s connected or disconnected. Also the screen does not push back far enough when attached to the keyboard. The touch-screen is ultra sensitive and the entire experience with this thing is kludgy at best.

Don’t be cheap (like I was), spring for the extra coin and buy a new one from Costco or even the real deal from Microsoft. These wanna-be’s are junk. And the reconditioned ones are reconditioned junk.