ASUS Transformer Book 10.1" 64GB Tablet

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ASUS Transformer Book 10.1" 64GB Tablet
Price: $239.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Here’s a C|Net review of the T100.

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5 stars) over at

Besides 64gb and USB 3.0, any good reason for this refurb versus a new $200 HP from the Microsoft Store?

As far as consumer-grade laptops go, Asus devices are generally considered the most reliable/highest quality. You’re also getting a faster processor. The hinge with the Transformer Book T100 is also much better.

That said, this is refurbished, and I’ve heard a lot of reports of the keyboard dying after a few months, so … Who knows.

Looks like it is cheaper on ebay @ $229 (free shipping and no tax). Anyone find any differences? Factory refurb vs reconditioned?

I have the 32GB version of this, and I really like it. It’s basically a slightly more powerful netbook that can act as a tablet, and I’ve found it works very well compared to most Android tablets I’ve used.

It’s smooth, fast, and has good battery life. The keyboard’s USB 3.0 connector is very handy, and I’ve used it to drive external monitors, keyboards and mice through an external universal docking station, and it’s able to run Office apps and web apps on a 24" monitor with no issues.

Parts of it feel a little cheap, but overall it seems to be holding up well. I was looking for a tablet, and I find this has much more utility than my iPad or Android tablets. It is a PC, and runs normal Windows applications, so there’s no need for the app store. It connects to Windows network shares, lets me run my normal programs, use flash drives, external mice, etc. It has a micro SD slot, and it allows for additional storage, but the position of it can be a little awkward. It sticks out of the right side, and is just kind of in the way sometimes.

Overall, I’d say if someone is looking for a tablet, and doesn’t need the thinnest, lightest device or need to run a specific app, this is far more useful than most tablet devices.

209.99 from newegg.

Just bought one of these a month ago from Newegg. However, The keyboard has a 500gb HD, which give you a massive amount of storage IF the keyboard is connected

I have been very happy from speed and function standpoint. The only issue that I have is lack of apps from Microsoft. I went from a Nexus tablet to this and cant use many of the Android based apps. I have tried some of the droid emulator type apps to run these and it is not even close to the real thing.

Regardless, if you want this to use as a 2 in 1 PC. it is a great buy.

Apps are obsolete when you can run any windows based programs. That is the beauty of these tablets. Why do I need an app(iOS or Android) that can emulate a program that runs native on Windows.

I had an Asus book and it became a paperweight. The connector to charge it has exposed copper connection wires and finally, enough broke off that it wouldn’t charge.

I have one of the T100 variants (I’m not sure if it is this one, they all got similar specs), they are awesome. I got my 64GB model for $299 brand new in 2013. It had some issues early on with Wifi locking up, but some BIOS updates took care of that.

The best part is that it runs Windows, I have Steam installed on mine, and can run most games without issue on the lower settings. Quite impressive with the low performance processor it has. Battery lasts forever too.

Build quality is cheap on it, but you get what you pay for. I jokingly call it the Ghetto Surface Pro, if you don’t need some of the Surface features like the pen input or higher end processor, the T100 is a great cheaper alternative.

This charges with a standard microUSB cable, not a proprietary connector like many past Asus tablets.

The laptop that your link points to is in a totally different class than this one. It has a 15.6" screen, an i3 processor, a hard drive, and a price tag of nearly $500. I’m happy that you like it, but it’s not a very good comparison for someone who is reading these comments to learn about the one W00t is selling today. Just sayin’.

Can the RAM be upgraded to 4GB?

Link please. The cheapest Asus Transformer I found on NewEgg is $229 (not $209) and that one had a 32 Gig SSD, where this one has double that.

Yes. “HP”. 'Nuff said.

Thank-you! That was a good read.

Looks like folks have gotten these to run linux and / or dual boot Windoze.