ASUS Transformer Book 10.1" 64GB Tablet

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ASUS Transformer Book 10.1" 64GB Tablet
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Buyer beware …
I just bought this same item from Woot a couple weeks ago, and despite the fact the specs on the website spcifically stated that this tablet has ‘2 GB’ of installed memory, the tablet I received only has ‘1 GB’ of memory installed.
Here we are 2 weeks later, and they are still misleading buyers with the listed specs.
Just know what you’re getting …

I’m sorry for the problems. It looks like yours was an anomaly. We have not heard from other customers with this issue.

Did you contact our customer service so they could assist you?

Couple of questions, I’m hoping the community can help me with, as I’m close to pulling the trigger on this one.

Does this come with the Office license? (I see the “new” versions of it sold on Amazon do)

Is the memory upgradable to 4gb? (quick google search came back with nothing)

If I do the upgrade to Win10, will it be 32-bit or 64-bit? (specs show 32-bit version of Win8), can it support 64-bit version of the OS?

I bought one a little over a month ago and this is what I have to answer your questions:

It did not come with Office but you can usually get Office through MicrosoftHUP for like $10.

Not sure about the memory upgrade.

It is actually not upgradeable to Windows 10…I tried multiple times over the weekend and it wouldn’t let me upgrade for free. It came installed with Windows 8.1 but a VOLUME license which falls in a category where there is no free upgrade, just FYI.

This tablet should have an OEM license, not a volume license. I was able to upgrade mine with the ISO manually downloaded from Microsoft using the Media Creation tool. Try the 32 bit (x86) standard Windows 10

Mine never prompted to start the upgrade process through the “Get Windows” app, neither did my Lenovo laptop, but I was able to upgrade that one as well manually.

You cannot upgrade the memory in this tablet.

CPU Specs from Intel

PassMark CPUBenchmark Score: 1070

More details & benchmarks from

$249 New from
2 star review.|-Intel-Quad-Core-|-Office-365-Personal.product.100217284.html


Very few are eligible for Office through MicrosoftHUP. You must have a .edu email address or work for an employer whose employee’s are eligible. Additionally, it’s not Microsoft you deal with. It’s a 3rd party vendor with awful customer service.

You can just get open office if all else fails.

I went through the troubleshooting steps to upgrade as recommended by Windows and I can confirm I have a Volume license so it may be hit or miss depending on what tablet you get

Yes, I did. They offered a $15 refund.
We both know that 2gb of memory vs 1gb of memory is worth more than $15.
Not to mention, I was told there were no replacement units available for me … yet here we are with this item still for sale less than two weeks later.

This is a new purchase from the vendor. It’s very likely that we didn’t have replacements at that time. Again, I’m sorry for the frustration. If you aren’t satisfied with the refund amount, you have the option to return.

Did you try upgrading manually with the ISO from Microsoft?

I have this Transformer Book. I absolutely love it. It’s well-made, portable, and performs well. I checked this out at Woot but ultimately purchased a new one from Best Buy for about the same price as this refurb a few weeks ago during their summer sale, but with a 1 year office license and a 1 year warranty. I also picked up a micro SD card for about $25 to expand storage. In my opinion, this refurb is pretty overpriced, however the device is great.

I got this a few months back on a previous woot, I honestly wouldn’t pay more than $150 for it.

Touch screen works great
Makes Windows 8.1 enjoyable to use
Light and extremely portable
USB 3.0 and MicroSD slot
Reliable Wifi and general functionality

Keyboard is poorly designed and the trackpad is just terrible, you’ll want to use a usb mouse/keyboard to avoid frustration.
I’ve had software updates take several hours
Takes an oddly long time to charge, battery often drains when it is in a closed position
Streaming such as Netflix often results in severe audio lag on longer features
Cannot handle tabbed browsing without moving at a slow crawl

Works well if you solely want to watch stored movies or open a singular website, otherwise expect unusually sluggish operation. Check out the previous times this item has been up and read the consistent complaints. It’s great for extremely menial/simple usages, otherwise you will be dissatisfied.

I picked one up on Amazon Prime day. I actually really like it. I was able to download the ISO from Microsoft that allowed me to upgrade to Win10. I had an issue with the touchpad after the upgrade, but a quick trip at Asus’s website and I found the needed Win10 drivers. Everything is working as I expect it to - and I actually really like it a lot. The complaints I see are mostly size related. It’s a tiny laptop - you get tiny/cramped things to go with it.

Guys, PSA: This computer will only run 32-bit programs and a 32-bit OS. Let me explain.

Asus decided to go with a 32-bit EFI chip in this tablet, meaning it will not boot any 64-bit operating system, and in turn, you cannot run 64-bit programs.

You can get around it however. This thing can run 64-bit Virtual Machines just fine, so if you absolutely need to run a program, you can boot a VM and run it from there. Also, there have been some reports of success with bootloader hackery on Linux, but I wouldn’t trust it.

Bought the faster version of this (1.46 GHZ) here a few weeks ago @ $189.95 for my girlfriend. Have not put Win10 on it yet, still running 8.1 with Classic Shell. She loves it. Put Open Office on it, runs great! Battery life is as claimed, it will be her travel PC. Also bought from woot the T200 version, now running Win10 with Classic Shell, and added 240gb SSD. Really nice combo.