ASUS Transformer Book 10.1" Tablet

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ASUS Transformer Book 10.1" Tablet
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What are apps like with windows 8 or is more of a notebook then tablet with android.

I’ve had one of these for a little over a year and paid about $400 after sales tax forms new one. I love mine. I can get actual work done on real programs (not just “apps”). It’s light and has good battery life, especially if you don’t put the screen on maximum brightness. I like the keyboard. I’ve watched a lot of football and basketball games on it, and the screen is good. Someone asked about Windows apps. It has most of the major apps (e.g., Evernote, Netflix, Kindle), but some you won’t be able to find. I don’t have a lot of apps. I mainly use mine for word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, web browsing, email, reading e-books, Twitter, and watching video.

I have one of these, it uses full windows. Mine is windows 8.1.

So what’s the warranty?? Thanks.

[MOD EDIT: per the “Feature” listing on the sale: Warranty: 90 Day Asus]

Processor info over at Notebook Check

How easy to upgrade to Wimdows 10?

Per the front page, the warranty is 90 and fulfilled by Asus.

This T100TA-C1-GR is the exact model I have, so I can testify with some authority.

This is a Windows 8.1 laptop with a detachable keyboard. It runs full Windows 8.1, so you can run Windows 8 apps or standard windows applications. You can work in the metro environment or open a standard Windows desktop. When an app does not support touch, simply use the keyboard and touchpad to navigate.

Go ahead and read the reviews. Check the specs, too. Nothing you read will do this computer justice.

I bought one last summer just so I could have a laptop on the roof or in the attic or in the yard. That worked out great for me, but I use this laptop a lot. It’s a great travel companion.

I wish I had it in my hands as I compose this ‘message of love’, but my marketing major borrowed it for a coffee meeting, and I have not seen it since (more than a month).

I didn’t buy this for work, but we do the hup thing, so I have Office 2013 installed and it runs very well – even Access. I didn’t expect this – you can.

Without a doubt, the ‘all day battery’ is my favorite feature. Whether I am sitting by the pool or riding in a car, I do not worry about recharging at all.

After that, I love the fact that it is full windows – with a command prompt so I can run 30 year old programs when it suits me (which is quite a bit).

The screen is big enough for most tasks. The keyboard and touchpad are good – big enough and I can type without paying attention. The keyboard attaches and detaches easily and intuitively.

The connectors on this thing are small…very small. I have to turn on a light to attach the power adapter. WiFi was sketchy when I first got the transformer, but an update to the wifi drivers solved this problem. I spend a lot of time wiping fingerprints off the case.

Of course, this is also a tablet.

If you find Microsoft’s Surface intriguing, but balk at the price tag, this is a great alternative for a lot less money. With the keyboard attached, the computer is stable at most angles.

No difference. It’s just Windows 8.

Full desktop apps, or if you want to go on the app store and buy tablety apps, you can do that too.

Just think of it as “Better Windows 7 with fancy start menu”… the start menu is the only thing really different (visually) between Win7 and Win8. Win8 is technically a faster OS behind the scenes.

Too bad people hate on it so much because they can’t wrap their head around the simple start screen system.

I had an original T100 and it came with Microsoft Home and Student Office 2013. Does this deal come with Office?

Also, I get so confused trying to distinguish between the original T100 and the newest generation. Which one is this?

Given the specs, this would be the old 2013 edition. The newer one has Intel Quad-Core Z3775 1.46GHz Processor and 500GB HDD in the dock/keyboard

I bought one just like this a week ago. It arrived this thursday. I love this thing. If you are a PC gamer like me, you might be interested to know that steam in-home streaming works very well on it. You will want a good dual band router though to handle the associated wireless traffic. I love that the keyboard has a full usb port. I use my wired 360 controller for gaming with no problems.

The App store will be limited compared to android or IOS, but it already has nearly all the big apps. If you like you can check if your favorite apps will be available here.

I can screen cast with widi directly to our samsung smart tv which is nice.

I have a Chromebook and am primarily a Mac user but I found this on sale and wanted to try Windows 8.

I have tried to beat this thing up and cannot figure out how this much RAM works so well. So far I’ve run Photoshop and Ableton Live, downloaded and streamed torrents (all legally, of course), casted to my TV, and I may be guilty of playing a Minion game.

The damn thing won’t slow down. It’s good. Really good.

For 210 green backs, how can you go wrong for a PC? I’ve got the T200 and love it. The 200 gets a bit heavy after awhile. The 100 is a bargoonie.

Shop around first. Asus is killing the Transformer line, so new prices are pretty good.

Longer warranty and you are guaranteed to get a working edition of Office (Office will only work on these if the first owner didn’t register it).

There are also numerous versions of these. They made a number of slight changes over the product life, so make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

I got my new one (64 gig) for under $300 (worth the extra $$ to me for a one year warranty).

This one is not a bad deal. Better CPU and only $199.99 shipped.

will this be able to upgrade Win 10?

Based on the minimum requirements that 10 will require, I would say yes.

It’s Windows 8.1 native, not 8. This is important because if you ever have to reset it to factory because of an infection or to give it to another family member, you will just have to do a gazillion Windows updates to 8.1, not a gazillion to Windows 8, and the giant update to 8.1, and then another gazillion updates to 8.1.

I’ve owned the first gen HP Envy x2, and the Lenovo Lynx, both bigger screens and only the x2 had a keyboard, which is of course larger too. They were also slow dual core with 1MB of cache. These ASUS T100s are quad core with 2mb of cache, both making it much faster, and more responsive.

Last year I bought the Dell Venue 11 Pro which is slightly smaller than the previous at 10.8" but it has the much faster Z3770 quad core 2mb cache processor, now called System on a Chip (SoC,) because the graphics and several other devices normally on the motherboard are all on the die or main chip. Referred to as the SoC. These quad cores are snappy fast!

These are not Android or Apple limited tablets. These have an SDXC port for up to 64GB of additional storage. For us, 64GB of primary SSD storage is the minimum, since we load MS Office 2010 on all of them along with the rest of our Windows PC programs on the main drive. Then our docs and pictures also on the main drive with about 25-30GB remaining on the main drive, and our music on the 64GB SD card.

I use a powered 7 port USB hub when I want to use it as a true desktop. I plug the tablet into the port using the full size USB on my new ones, and before with a full size USB female to micro USB male to the tablet and the plug the hub to it. I have a stand that raises the tablet screw to eye level, an I can now hook up a normal USB PC full size keyboard and mouse, as well as plug in external hard drives, extra screens, whatever in the 7 powered ports, so no power it taken from the tablet to run them all.

It is identical to any Windows laptop just packing all the SoC and a micro USB and Micro HDMI on the tablet in addition to the headphone jack and docking connections.

If this is your first rodeo with a Windows tablet you will be extremely happy with it. Yes it has Apps like an I pad or Android tablet, but it also does mainstream and legacy software.

That 32 bit system it has, rather than a minus, can be a plus. Remember those XP programs that ran on some machines but not others? Some of them can be run on a 32 bit machine but not on a 64 bit. So this can do modern programs and more of the older ones than the regular non Atom 64 bit Operating System PCs can.

I now have the Venue 11 Pro, but am typing this on my ASUS T200TA. It’s an 11.6" tablet hybrid with a notebook base just like the smaller one selling here.

Build quality is great on these ASUS transformer hybrid tablets.

These are a great buy. Just remember it is a refurb and needs to be tested out immediately so any issues are well within warranty. I buy refurb all the time and have never had problems, only with new stuff.

If you spend the $38 on the square trade warranty you’re covered, at least for the price of purchase.