Asus Transformer Pad 10.1" 16GB Tablet

Sure hope the docking stations are next! Love this tablet, have it from non-woot. Not really wanting the docking station as I wanted something to entertain me while watching the tube and reclining. It’s a very nice tablet, great battery life and upgrades to the latest and greatest shortly after turning on.

Remember it’s brand NEW with a 1 year warranty, hence the price. Not bad at all.

I have a Motorola for well over a year and that was a refurb but back then I paid in the mid $300’s for the XOOM which surprisingly had a year warranty.

A tablet is a must have in my opinion but I still use a desktop when doing the family business books and other important things. I use the tablet for lightweight convenience. If you don’t have one, this sounds like a sweet deal.

Soooooooooo tempting. If this had that IR blaster that the Galaxy Tab has, I would buy it right now.

Maybe it’s age, or wisdom, or the many unused woots around my house but this woot-off in not inspiring me to surf while working…

I love the image: New York, where everyone demands to know the current temperature in Celsius.

I bought the Transformer (32GB) a few weeks back with the dock. I wouldn’t consider this without the dock which also acts as an extra battery. LOVE mine.

Eyeballs are a terrible thing to waste. I’m sure that means something to someone somewhere…

That someone is going to eat Woots lunch soon.

Anyone know if the TF201 dock will fit on this bad boy?



I learn: NO.

Well, it will, but the 300 is thicker than the 201 and therefore you have to really cram it in there and run the risk of cracking something.

So, no.

Wait. So there really WERE carrots in that bag of crap?

…wait… I can’t say BoC on Woot?

What a bag of crap.


Seconded. :frowning:

Does this come with a keyboard? Pricing Post! - The price of today’s woot item is saved here for future reference

Asus Transformer Pad 10.1" 16GB Tablet
Price: $259.99
Condition: New

Comparison Links:
[Google Products]( Transformer Pad 10.1" 16GB Tablet) - [Amazon]( Transformer Pad 10.1" 16GB Tablet)

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How are BoC’s done now? I’ve not figured it out, other than I’ve heard you have to goto the facebook page or something.

Facebook? Seriously? Man, I guess it really is “keep it safe, keep it secret.”

Just a virtual one.

(According to the product description, nope, not in the box. You want the physical external keyboard & battery, that’ll be another order.)

no, you need to buy the keyboard/dock separately, which is $50-$100. The big advantage to the Asus dock is that it’s also a battery, adding 5-7 hrs of usability. otherwise you can use any Bluetooth keyboard. I have it’s more powerful Big Brother, the TF201 Prime and use both the Asus keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard. Got the 32 gb model refurbed for $259 and a used dock for $34. Love it.

Excellent video review of this pad being unboxed by Lisa at Mobile Tech Review. Watch before you buy.

Ah, so does this mean other Transformer battery/keyboards are compatible with the TF300?

Where did you get your used dock? I’d love to have one. Thanks!

How long until these ship? I’ve been stuck at “awaiting shipping” since I’ve bought mine! 3 days just to pack it up and ship it?!