Asus Transformer Pad 10.1" Android Tablet

16GB Internal Storage?! a bit little for me. Is there more bigger?

“MicroSD card reader; supports up to 64GB of additional storage”

With the price on this, add another $20 for a microsd card - that still seems like a nice deal.

I got one when they came out and am still using it. Never had a memory problem or major lock up. It’s used with my wife’s appraisal business software. A good solid buy for way less than I paid for mine. Hummm Perhaps I should get a second one incase… nahhh, this thing’s bullet proof.

Per this discussion, a Lollipop update is available (at least for the non-C version), plus many other answers from Asus abound.

Can I add a USB Flash Drive?? Any know. That would be a great feature for me.

A few years ago I purchased a refurbished Asus Transformer Tablet. The day it arrived it had an issue with the battery. The “other” site would not do anything to correct it and ASUS charged me to send it back to have it fixed. So at this point i never used it and was already paying to have it “fixed”. I was a die hard ASUS fan. Many motherboards used without fail. But id never buy a tablet of theirs again.

The (optional) dock adds USB support as per the specs.

I’m interested in getting a connect dock for this unit. But everything I find online only references a 300T model and nothing about a 300C model. Is there a difference?

So when I bought this (earlier today) there was an icon on the page to add a Squaretrade warranty. I tried to do this three different times and had their system come back and say that there was an error. Now the icon is missing from the page, and I can’t seem to get the Squaretrade site to allow me to buy the warranty. What gives?

Want to double check? I just looked and the Square Trade icon is still there and working for me… Let me know if your issue continues!

I wasn’t able to find anything about it, but I’ll ask our computers team.

I had one of these for a couple of years but it had Android 4.1 on it. It would not work with a lot of stuff so I shelved it. If it comes with KitKat 4.4 then buy it. A search on ebay will find you a dock. I’m gonna see if I can update mine and put it back in service. Woot Woot!

$69.99 refurbished at newegg.

Days later . . Yes, the icon is back but the system will still not let me buy a warranty. What do they know?

I’ll look into this. I’m not sure offhand what would cause this issue.