Asus Transformer Pad 10.1" 16GB Tablet

Wasn’t this just on here with the keyboard dock as well for the same price? I think I’ll wait for the next Woot-Off…

there is a Jelly Bean update for this, right?


Although the specs read Ice Cream Sandwich, this is a Jelly Bean tablet. Over The Air update is available as soon as you turn it on.

Settings/About/Check Update.

Got mine with the keyboard dock from the previous sale today. NICE!

With the keyboard it was 299.99 -ish

I’m playing with it now and no jb yet, but it is FABULOUS!!!


I just got this deal for $300 w the dock over the black Friday / cyber Monday weekend.

My tablet unfortunately has a dead ‘touch space’ on it… a full bar across… be sure to test your table with some software when you get it. Its a great deal, but have to RMA it :frowning:

Just curious but have a lot of you had success with the refubs I always feel like I’m going to get something that was never fixed right?

Ugh, do I bite the bullet already or hold out for a good price on the TF700?

4.1 is Jelly Bean just not the latest JB. Asus hasn’t released a 4.2 update yet.

For people debating the price, is selling the 16gb refurb for TF101 for $249.99 with free shipping right now. They are also allowing you to add the keyboard dock for a total of $329.98 (tablet + keyboard).

So $330 price for the older model… While Woot had $299.99+$5 shipping last week for the same combo for the newer model.

It’ll happen eventually. I settled for the TF300 because a friend with the 100 series still loves his, so I figured 300 had to be pretty good.

Yeah, it sold the day before Thanksgiving so the orders would have been released to the vendor on Friday. While often faster, we do ask that you allow 5 business days for processing and shipping. Today is the 5th business day. It just seems longer because of Thanksgiving.

If you look in the thread, people are starting to receive them so yours should be there soon.

If it still says awaiting shipping, it means that we’re still waiting on that tracking file from the vendor. :frowning:

Those of you that have received yours, how about sharing some info to help those thinking about it?

And 4.2=JB I know, confusing.

So is this the 300?

What are the spec differences between the 300 and the 700?

Great writeup guys!

Looks like 700 is clocked little higher and comes with metal frame instead of plastic…also has slightly better resolution…

Are keyboard docks for the TF300 compatible with the TF700?

I’m thinking maybe I’ll just go ahead and get this and upgrade at a later date if I’m not satisfied…

Theoretically, would this TF300 tablet be faster than a single-core Intel N450 netbook with 2GB RAM?

The short version is that the 700 has a better screen and the processor is full speed.

The TF300 series has the processor scaled back to 1.2 GHz vs the full Terga 3 speeds.

Dont worry too much about it though. I’ve had my TF300 for about a year now (bought it as soon as it came out), and it’s still lightning fast. The jelly bean updates have only improved it.

Here is a full comparison from VERSUS:

It fails to mention that this one is MUCH less expensive from WOOT! right now. I deal in Android Tablets and can honestly recommend this tablet at this price VERY HIGHLY! I had it at release and just bought (and received TODAY) another from the recent WOOT! You will NOT be disappointed.