ASUS Transformer T100TA 10.1" Win 10

When functioning as a tablet the asus runs Win 8.1 but when functioning as a laptop it runs Win 10 (according to woot’s functional description!)? Really?! - seems like a waste of space.

You can tell from the font on the description that they added that statement on Windows 10. These were probably upgraded to Windows 10, likely when these went through refurbishment (?).

They originally ran 8.1, but Microsoft was offering a free upgrade to 10 for some time.

Correct, I have owned one of these exact units since getting it with Windows 8 installed. I upgraded for free to Windows 8.1 and later to Windows 10. Runs Win10 fine, just isn’t the fastest device out there. Plenty usable for my needs for a few years, though!

This originally came with Office Home and Student 2013, though you are unlikely to have that with these open box items. For the $300 I paid for it originally, it was a very good deal - at this price, if you need a very portable Windows 10 device with LONG battery life, this is a great option.

You need to know that the screen/keyboard are limited in their hinge rotation. This device opens to about 30 degrees past 90 (straight up) max, so you cannot swing the keyboard around the back like you can with the Yoga or Surface.

I just recently retired my T100 for a Surface. Larger screen, much faster, MUCH more expensive at $600 on sale with the keyboard.

BEWARE: The system I received was definitely Win 8.1. Whatever the intention it was NOT Win 10, which was the reason that I bought this system This is FALSE advertising.

FALSE advertising! The system I just received is NOT running Win 10 as specifically advertised. I ordered this system because it was advertised as having Win 10 installed.

The system I received was NOT running Win 10 as advertised. No probably about it. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

I see that Woot is currently selling two versions of this tablet, the less expensive one clearly stating that it is Windows 8.1 while this one is Windows 10. It doesn’t look like bait and switch to me. My experience with Woot tells me that if you order the 10 and get an 8.1, Woot will accept the return/exchange.

If this had a HD screen it wouldn’t be to bad a deal 1200 x 800 is pretty crappy. Wasn’t bad 6 years ago, but sucks now.