Asus Transformers

Didn’t look at the others but that price for the i7 model is actually pretty good.

I think a factory refurb should have a year warranty.

I have the i7 version of this and LOVE it. the only downside is if you don’t manually turn the keyboard off it will die very quickly. That and the screen could be a bit brighter.

BUYER BEWARE when buying computers on Woot. I purchased the Asus TP500LA-DH71T. The shipment sat around for over a week as “label created” and was finally (and coincidentally) shipped a few hours after I received a reply to my query about the delay. Almost another week later, I got the package only to find they had sent the wrong laptop (an Asus TX201LA-DH71T). So now I get to return it, wait 10 business days for a refund after they eventually get the item back, and meanwhile I have no laptop since they don’t have any more of the TP500LA-DH71Ts.

If you need a computer within a week or two, don’t buy from Woot. If you want to throw the dice and see what computer you receive at random, go for it!