Asus TUF B365M-PLUS Gaming Motherboard

Asus TUF B365M-PLUS Gaming Motherboard

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New, used, refurbished??

Not solid state caps.

So does it have WiFi or not?

It says WiFi all over the place but then say it does not include the WiFi module


Item is refurbished and does not have Wi-Fi.

If you already purchased, CS will reach out to you with an option to return.

Finished by build yesterday with this motherboard. Arrived in excellent shape, no sign of wear and took a 9th generation chip with installed bios. included new io panel in plastic bag but no m2 screw and riser. Best to get one before you build if you are using one of the two m.2 slots. Manual can be downloaded. Great board for the money


PS/2 port* ooo wow that was all the rage back in 1987 when it first came out.

No seriously is this a late 90s mother board?? I really think PS/2 port stop being produced in the early 2000s

So this mother board is like a wish dot com two decades old special…

Or am I wrong PS/2 port are all the retro fad now?

I think it was made a couple of years ago. Some manufacturers include a variety of ports. My new MSI motherboard includes a PS/2 connector and it was first made last year, plus the latest bells and whistles. My last motherboard had two, if I remember right.

can anyone confirm the specs on this board? What form factor? What chipset?

Hi there. Not sure what confirmation you’re wanting. Here’s the info from Asus:

I don’t think the processor chip is included.


PS2 are important again b/c of legacy keyboard use as well as offloading some peripherals back onto its serial interrupts freeing up more of the available USB bandwidth on the board.

Thank you, exactly what I was looking for!

Does it have the WiFi module?

It does not.

There is no such thing as solid-state capacitors. The caps on this board are military-grade and don’t suffer from the issues some caps used to suffer from. Solid-state refers to semiconductor-based components. Just wanted to clarify. I have enough faith in ASUS and this board that I purchased one myself.

Ummm… You better read your electronics 101 there Skippy. Solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors are solid state caps, generally what the military uses because they don’t pop like their liquid aluminum electrolytic cousins. Avoid advice from lcashmer folks, seems sketchy.

Just to clarify, matter can come in several states, the main ones are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. In caps the state refers to what form the aluminum is taking. In solid state caps the aluminum is solid, in liquid state capcitors the aluminum is liquid. Further, in around the 60s after transistors became a thing in the 50s, scientists named the technology solid state in contrast to the gaseous state found in tube technology. If you need links I can help you out - my main point is don’t try to be helpful if you don’t know what you’re talking about, because that’s seriously not helpful.

I reiterate, these are not solid state caps - bottom left of mainboard image. These are better manufactured liquid capacitors, and they are still prone to popping.