Asus VivoMini Desktop

Asus VivoMini Desktop

“The additional displays give you…” Should be “The additional display gives you.” Since it only supports two displays, there’s only one “additional display”, not two (or more) additional displays.

Just noticed Windows 8.1. Nope.

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I saw 8.1 and was like "Bye :wave:t5: "


For $15 more you could just get a better version (i3-7100U vs 4030U and 16GB ram vs 4GB) on amazon.

{VMod note: As noted in the post below, the link is for a barebones unit. The one sold here is a complete PC.}

You realize that the one you linked to has no hard drive, no ram, nothing. Just the compatibility for more, right? Its a barebones system.

The HP and Dell ones Woot also sells come with more RAM and win10.

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The Windows 8.1 can be an advantage if you want to use it as an HTPC and run Windows Media Center. I am currently doing that with an ASUS ViVoPC VM60-G067R. Win 10 does not run WMC.

Yeah but the specs say this one comes with a “64B” SSD so I’m not sure how much good it’ll do you. My Apple ][plus’s 5.25" floppy disks held more than 64B each.

131 x 131 x 42 cm is pretty big for a desktop computer. That’s 4.25 feet square and 1.33 ft heigh.

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it says 64GB Solid State Drive except in the “Key features” it says
“64GB eMMC storage has plenty of space to store your digital albums, music library and rich media files”
it is solid state drive, correct?

I prefer the tiny HP refurbs. They have more memory and a larger SSD.

Came here to say this. It must be 13.1 x 4.2

I use to be a die-hard WMC guy. I changed to Channels. I do miss parts of WMC, but Channels is pretty good. MUCH better recording quality. I can stream to an Apple TV from my Synology. The Synology app handles all the recording, season passes, etc., Records strait from the HD HomeRun tuners. Now I don’t have to deal with Windows!

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The HP Slice is pretty nice!

Yes, but Channels - nor any other option like Plex DVR or Silicondust DVR - supports DRM on cable tuners/HD Homerun Prime. RIght now if you want to record and playback DRM/copy-once, you are still stuck on WMC…

I am not familiar with “Channels” can you provide more info (link)?

I am using Silicondust Antenna tuner (not cable) btw.

Found the link:

Looks nice :slight_smile:

eMMC is a solid state, albeit using more value-oriented memory. It’s still a lot faster than conventional hard drives.

The Windows is upgradable for free to Windows 10 and I upgraded mine just fine. I have one of these that I use to mount to the back of my TV for streaming and it works very good. Came with the mount also.

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Hey y’all, If some of you would rather have Windows 10, then good news! This includes a free upgrade if you are not interested in the Windows 8.1.

With only 64Gigs of storage (and the Free Windows 10 upgrade offer), it might be worth mentioning that MS is upping the minimum storage space for Windows 10 to 32 Gigs…