Asus VivoMini Intel 64GB SSD Desktop

Asus VivoMini Intel 64GB SSD Desktop

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Another deal on Woot.
What is a benefit of this mini desktop?

Please share your experience!!

I have a couple of these and works great for browsing and streaming. I have one setup behind my TV with a wireless keyboard mouse combo. To me it’s better than roku, apple tv or other media devices since there limited to apps only. This is Windows based and I can browse and stream easier. My second is for my son to browse and do school work. I’m thinking of getting another one for my other TV, just for the convenience of it. It’s small and can mount to back of most TV’s I think.

Bought one of these a couple months ago (for $30 more). I work from home (VPN/Remote Desktop), so my computer needs aren’t all that extreme. Needed a new backup computer, in case my regular machine goes down, so I bought this. Works fine for that. At that moment, as a backup, all it’s doing is running the BOINC client, and it works fine for that as well.