Asus VivoTab RT 32GB Tegra 3 Tablet

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Asus VivoTab RT 32GB Tegra 3 Tablet
Price: $239.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Apr 10 to Tuesday, Apr 15) + transit
Condition: New


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Here are some reviews from Newegg

Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

Even at $45 cheaper, its still Windows RT, and therefore entirely overpriced.

Agreed!!! when i got my TF 300 from Woot i had send it back to Asus in Jamaica the day i got it becuase it had issues. I felt like it wasn’t actually refurbed until i bought it.

Save your money and get an ASUS Transformer (T100T) for $299.99 when on sale at Best Buy (or anywhere less).

For a cheap tablet/netbook it is a steal. Has a quad core Intel Haswell processor with 2 GB RAM w/dedicated graphic processor. Also runs full windows, including 8.1 and comes free with full version office and excel

Please be aware that the NewEgg sale being compared is a “Refurbished” condition and is not “New”.

UPDATE: See post below for more information.

You are incorrect. Please scroll down past the refurbished items to see the new item. It is the exact same model for $45 less. And yes, it is new and in stock.

I would link you to it but I don’t think that that is allowed.

3 times in the first 6 bullet points they tout the not included dock.

“This gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 Bathroom 4000 Square foot house with swimming pool and tennis courts can be painted with with this Paintbrush. House Not included”

How does todays woot compare tothis at TD? for $40 more and a keyboard and no sales tax?

It is our belief that the product shown on NewEgg is Refurbished.

First, it is being sold by Secondipity, not NewEgg:

Second, if you go to the Secondipity site, you will see the same item is listed as refurbished:

Sometimes we do sell it with the dock. We wanted to make it very, very, very clear that it’s not included this time. :tongue:

Bought one of these earlier. Worthless junk if you ask me. Performed ok for a little while. Then motherboard went bad. Asus repair is a joke. Little or no communication and can’t answer any questions about what they did or why a replacement unit had less memory than the original (GB reduction). Mine was a refurb and went out of warrantee in 3 months. after 5 months it broke and cost 185.00 to repair. BEWARE

I have a Surface RT, first-generation, first day available. I’ll say this: it’s very much a tablet. The keyboard may help, but the absolute dearth of Windows RT apps is a real nail in the coffin for me.

In addition to the RT, I have a Nexus 7, a Shield, a couple of Kindle Fires, and some no-name Chinese tablets I picked up for my kids. Based solely on application availability, even the $80 Chinese tablets were better than Windows RT.

Also the display ratio feels very narrow compared to other tablets. Not a lot of vertical space in landscape, and lots of line wrapping in portrait.

I really want a windows tablet, can you install regular window programs on it?

Windows RT tablets use an Arm processor, not an X86 processor. With Windows RT, you can install apps directly from the Windows Store, but you can’t install desktop apps that you used with previous versions of Windows.

If you plan on using CHROMECAST or ANY of same APPs you use on a Droid or iPhone, DONT GET any tablet with Microsoft RT-Operating system!!!

Microsoft really tries to corral people into their EXPENSIVE pretend Droid or iPhone apps. I felt like a fool for buying RT and thinking I could use same functions as ANY DROID…NOPE.

I tried an RT OS for a week. Not a single thing from media player to IpCam software to just jack for good FREE APPS


Not only that, but even if someone has compiled an ARM-compatible version of their application, if it’s not in the Windows Store, you can’t install it unless you jailbreak the device.

Which I had to do to install PuTTY.

Nm, comment was the as mentioned above.