Asus VivoTab RT 32GB Tegra 3 Tablet

4 Eggs from newegg
3.5 Stars from Amazon be forewarned: Windows RT is the Windows Me for tablets…

Sorry WOOT!

Same thing new…

same price ($299.99 at time of posting)

Except you get free shipping on your deal. Hmmm…

nmanx62 is right…You might want to do some research before pulling the trigger on this. It is probably a fine convertible, but it also might lose support at any time…

TONS of comments from when this was offered about a week ago.

… and yours has free shipping … no sales tax (outside of NY) and it’s new, not refurb

…swing and a miss …

That’s a lot to ask for a refurb tablet running an as-good-as-dead OS and with almost no storage space left for user data. Pass. A week from now this will sell for $199 and it still won’t be a bargain.

Why do you sell this s— ! Windows RT is dead! Haven’t you read about it? ASUS has decided to to stop manufacturing
RT tablets !!!

Bought one for my wife from Best Buy. I returned it 6 days later. The GUI is horrible. You install programs through MS store similar to the Play store with Android. The only problem is there are like 10 apps. No one is writing apps for it.

That’s also glossing over the fact that Windows 8 and RT are a big dud. Very unintuitive. I feel bad for MS.

Remember the old days when Woot had some real good deals? This seems to happen far too often now.

The 8.1 update fixes some of the issues with 8 and RT, particularly with regard to usability. The official release is slated for October, but the previews are free to try now (you can’t revert back to 8/RT, though). It has tutorials, some new gesture contexts (launch camera from the lock screen, pull up a list of all apps from the start menu with a single swipe), Outlook, more flexibility with Snap (multi-window) operation, and a new store layout. It becomes a lot easier to use, especially if you have a mouse and keyboard; you’re still best off with touch, though.

Apps do remain a problem. The situation is certainly better than it was at launch and the preview days. It’s even growing at a healthy rate (compared to the iPad and Android). The problem is that it came so late to the game that the gap matters. I could care less about a Facebook app, though, for reasons I’ll get to in a bit. They have an inescapable Xbox branding that goes completely wasted without support from the same folks bringing some quality games to competing platforms. iOS has plenty of dedicated devs. Android is gaining momentum here, too. Windows (Phone, RT, and 8) can’t afford to be left out.

Now the browser, despite natural inclination to hate IE, is surprisingly capable. You might not have a Facebook app (“People” doesn’t cut the mustard), but you have a browser. You can snap it to one side and have your feed active while you work on something else. Note that for music apps, you don’t even need to use Snap to use it; just hit the volume rocker and apps like Xbox Music and Vevo show the current track along with pause/play and skip controls.

Remember the Zune? Too little too late to make much impact even though it did have good potential. Microsoft has some good concepts, unfortunately they take an idea and jog with it , instead of running with it. I like the idea of trying to merge ARM with x86 software,unfortunately it’s just a half-hearted attempt.

That article is biased. Just because somebody (who made Matt Burns the authority?) posts such drivel on Techcrunch doesn’t make it fact.

Wow. If you think RT is not going the way of the dodo bird and Inca then you have some serious denial issues!

Tell that to the Xbox. Came late to party, well after PS1/2 and yet is now the top dog and extremely successful.

Wonder if this would run Win7?

The difference is that you are providing a great example of something Microsoft did absolutely right. They were late to the party, but they were all in once they got there- with hardware, with software and with marketing. That is the model they should be following. Don’t get me wrong, I love Microsoft- but I can be critical of them at the same time. I am also an owner of a Zune, which I liked better than the IPOD I had at that time.

It will not.